Earth Intelligence Report; June 2019 (ET Disclosure Initiative)

serving the open mind eraoflightdotcomIt is for you to know that there is a greater push for what is termed as extraterrestrial disclosure. Not only does this relate to a soft revealing of the possibility of many of your officials admitting the existence of these spacecraft and sightings, but it will also help to create a greater defeat to those who have heavily suppressed this information for a great number of your years.

The extraterrestrial disclosure that is happening now will continue to deliver in a soft approach for the next 1 or 2 years of time. This will then continue to grow as it relates to further information that will uncover information on sacred sites on your planet that will open to speculation and documentation on ancient civilizations that once visited earth.

There will eventually be a greater discussion towards extraterrestrial civilizations and eventual disclosure to the systems that you term as faster-than-light propulsion. These systems will soon be unveiled and will develop a new industry as it relates to space travel in your years to come. Although humanity cannot yet leave this star system, technology that will bring forward the traveling capability to other worlds will start to become a sure thing. You will notice that there will be aeronautic companies that will be looking to develop advanced spacecraft that will, in time, replace the primitive technology of rockets and space shuttles commonly used by space agencies today.

Beyond closed doors are still efforts in increasing the equality of humanity’s resources upon this planet, including the resource of finances. More groups are meeting together to create greater motives in having a new financial system come online. In the past, where there has been contemplation and attempted roll-out, it has led to counterattacks that have postponed such roll=outs of new financial systems. This also relates to sabotage of current alternative money systems that will be blacklisted as scams or unreliable replacement sources of financial backing. This is all part of a greater scheme from the once controllers of this planet that are on their last legs. Their attempts are still resilient as there are moles and agents still within many areas of government, financial, technological and educational sectors. Yet they are losing their grasp on systems they once had full control of. It is like seeing cockroaches scatter when the lights turn on. They are losing their power and they are frantic as well as desperate in doing everything to keep their empire alive and on life support.

There will be further solar activity to come as you approach your summer season. Greater auroras will appear upon the south and north poles of the planet heating the overall temperature of your world inside that will reflect without. This will increase weather patterns and storm activity as well as seismic activity, commonly around the pacific rim, or ring of fire that circles east Asia and Europe as well. There is no cause for alarm however as these are upcoming adjustments for the earth as she unpeels further layers of debris that will create greater intense emotional events that will also tremor the sociological and political landscape with greater truth being exposed. In doing so, this may lead to further upset as leaders that have led their posts for many years will lose their trust from their peers and those that have invested emotional support within them. Think in this way of the Vatican, the monarchies and the superpower governments that will lead to greater exposure and citizen activity in removing many of these wolves in sheep’s clothing from power.