Mira of the Pleiades: Feminine Energy

mira of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomI am Mira from the Pleiades who let my feminine star dust fall over the head of humanity. This star dust whose effect is to awaken the feminine energy of humanity. The feminine energy that is a necessity to get you up to the fifth dimension. The feminine energy that needs to take place. The soft, supple and vulnerable.

Some of you are already designated to walk the feminine power path. A tough and difficult way to walk many times because it requires courage and some craftsmanship to meet the masculine energy. A necessity, however, in order not to allow the feminine energy to be overrun. It is high time that the feminine energy be spread on earth.

You who know within you that you have taken on the role of the feminine energy’s mouthpiece, know that I and others are at your service and that is precisely why I spread the star dust of the feminine energy, to facilitate your work. Manifest the power of your feminine energy and see as far as you can with the help of it. Being the one you are meant to be regardless of what everyone else thinks and thinks.

By being the one you are, you spread the feminine power through Mother Earth’s crystal network. You are an important key in the ascension process, never forget it. Without your help, Mother Earth has more difficulty lifting. You work together. Mother Earth from the inside out, you from the inside out. See the energies that arise. So powerful that they can cause an earthquake. It lies beneath the surface of your planet. A force so powerful that it can start a tsunami. The feminine power. We cannot say where the tsunami will occur but it is close in time. Mankind should be spared in this, so there is nothing to fear.

Do not fear your power for your power to make a difference. Let us manifest the feminine power together and then let us enjoy the change processes that are initiated on your planet. You are more powerful than you think.

In love and community, Mira from the Pleiades.


» Source » Channel: Camilla Nilsson