Quan Yin: The Greatest Gift of All

quan yin eraoflightdotcom“Most Powerful Enlightening Beings,

Together, in God Conscious Support, we are creating the most transformational time that has ever been possible on this Earth. There are more people available to the transformations than have ever been. Your bodies easily carry the powers of enlightened support now. Your life force is activating everyone else’s life force. Your body is easily accelerating. You are transforming each other, in every experience. There are magnificent accelerations continuously occurring. No one is outside of this. We all transform each other. Everyone is accelerating, in every experience.

Notice this gift. Notice this shift. And be that person who is enlightening the Earth. Celebrate the ways that you are available to create this transformation. Thank the Gods for this life force, and for enlightening continuously. We are magnificent in connection to Source. Let that be what is occurring for you, in all experiences. Amma! YOU are the change! YOU are the transformation! YOU are the power to create whatever is exciting for this Earth!

Thanks the Gods that you are transforming everything in these gifts and shifts. Thank the Gods in this time of magnificent support. YOU can accelerate everything in consciousness; say YES to that. YOU are the support system. YOU are the experience of enlightenment occurring on this Earth. YOU are the transformation experience accelerating here. Omma. Thank the Gods for this transformation, and give it a lot of help by saying YES to all of transformation that is occurring here in our bodies. The greatest gift of all, to all humanity, is YOU saying YES to this magnificent support. Thank you! God consciousness is accelerating here! AMMA!”


» Source » Channel: Laura Lee Lizak