Big Changes; July 2019 Energy Forecast

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It’s an honor for me to connect with your beautiful presence in this way. We have so much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it

The Gifts of This Solar Eclipse

July will begin on a highly active, super-exciting note, as the new moon on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 brings in a total solar eclipse.

This particular total solar eclipse will feel like a breath of fresh air with its joyful, light, unifying, and inspirational qualities.

If we’ve been on the fence about starting a new project, signing a contract, moving to a new location, traveling, or beginning something new, it will become very clear to us over time what actions to take going forward to align with the people, places, and experiences that will support our higher vision.

The first week of July will also serve as an excellent time to bring resolution to situations in our lives that have been disrupting our inner peace.

Whether it’s in the area of personal or professional relationships, this is the time to clear the air and create a healthy environment for ourselves to thrive and flourish in.

If we are someone who tends to be shy and hide from the world when things don’t go our way, this is the time to address, heal, and move beyond that pattern.

Hiding had its place in the past. Especially for empaths, because it allowed us to keep a temporary, illusory sense of peace and safety.

Yet hiding only perpetuates the idea that we as empaths must please everyone around us in order to be happy and at peace. That places a great deal of pressure on us to ensure that our environment is just right, in order to feel any sense of peace.

Can you see how not peaceful and exhausting that pattern is?

Obeying the mind’s need to be in control of everything at all times is a sure way to exhaust ourselves.

Ultimately, hiding is one of the main reasons why so many empaths are unable to fully experience peace in the now, because they are people-pleasing—always moving out of the way to cater to others.

That pattern very precariously places their peace in the hands of other people and the environment around them.

If we are still following the need to hide and blend in, many opportunities will begin showing up over the next few weeks to help us move beyond this coping pattern (not always in the most comfortable way, if the mind is still resisting change).

The main thing is to understand that hiding, though it may offer us a quick fix short term, is something that moves us away from our most authentic self, when our true self is where our peace, ease, love, creativity, joy, grace, abundance, and well-being reside.

Eventually, we are all moving in the direction of coming back to our truest, most authentic selves, and there’s no right or wrong way for how we get there.

There’s also no timeline better than the next one. We will always have opportunities and openings that help us realign.

If we usually find ourselves exhausted and overwhelmed as a result of choosing to hide and people-please, the time we are in now can serve as an excellent motivator to help us choose something that’s more aligned, freeing, and enjoyable.

A Time to Gather and Prosper!

The first half of July ushers in pleasant wonders and inspiring encounters with others. It will also be a great time try something different—something outside our usual box.

Gathering with friends, family, and colleagues in a social setting will offer us some fruitful blessings and outcomes.

The only thing asked of us, is to remain open-hearted and open-minded. Being fixed or set in our ways will not serve us in any way at this time.

By honoring different cultures, traditions, and backgrounds, we’ll see ourselves expand beautifully in different ways.

Another area of our lives where we will receive an extra boost during the first half of July, is the area of our prosperity and material gain. This will especially be the case if our motivation to prosper is coming from a conscious, genuine, spiritually motivated place.

The ability to materialize our highest visions and dreams will receive a powerful boost as we welcome the realization that we are the Source of our blessings.

Waiting for someone or something to give us what we want will not serve us as we move forward.

The current landscape of our society has most of humanity believing they must give up their power by relying on systems outside of what’s true and natural for them, in order for them to experience true happiness and prosperity.

This is most definitely changing more quickly now, especially with new generations coming into their own, and having an abundance of outside-the-box ways of thinking and creating in which they are not conforming to the status quo.

With daily practice, consistency, and a grounded approach, we now have the opportunity to rely less on what we’ve been taught by society as being the way to peace, happiness, and prosperity, and more on cultivating a deep and meaningful relationship with ourselves.

This is coming forward now to such a degree that when we do receive the inner guidance, wisdom, and outside-the-box ideas that will align us with a freer, more empowered, more prosperous reality—we will be ready to receive it!

We’ll also then be inspiring others to be more self-empowered.

Emotional Alchemy

On July 16, 2019 we will move through a partial lunar eclipse.

This partial lunar eclipse will bring to the surface any emotions we may not have fully addressed when it comes to the relationship we have with ourselves, our friends, our family, personal and professional partners, our home, and our environment.

When deeply rooted emotions come to the surface to be addressed, it can often feel uncomfortable, and catch us off guard.

Whatever comes up, rather than be in judgment of ourselves, know that it’s just coming up to be seen, heard, felt, and honored by us.

We often want from others what we ultimately desire from ourselves.

So if we feel that we ”need” an apology from someone, we can know it’s really us desiring to forgive ourselves. If we feel we “need” attention and love from someone, we can know that it’s really us desiring to give it to ourselves, and so on.

Our emotions are an excellent feedback system that tell us how well we are taking care of ourselves.

Emotions that don’t feel good to us are signals that there’s room for us to take even better care of ourselves.

When we feel at peace with the world around us, it means we are at peace within ourselves. It also means we are taking very good care of ourselves.

The mind often resists this kind of responsibility—admitting that we ourselves are the source of our happiness and peace—because it either doesn’t see the value and benefit of that, or it thinks it’s going to lose something (attention and love from others, etc.) if it takes full responsibility.

Our job is to make a daily practice of showing the mind how to recognize the value of being responsible for our own peace and happiness, and reminding it of how much more it will gain, grow, and receive as a result of embracing this.

Over time, the mind will begin to shift in the direction of accepting that we ourselves are solely responsible for our own peace and happiness, because it will notice the tremendous blessings and freedom it will gain as result.

The mind just wants to keep us safe, in the best way it knows how.

Imagine a 3-year-old child, with the limited awareness he or she has, trying to keep a grown adult safe and protected, and tell them what to do all the time.

That’s exactly what we’ve been allowing the mind to do!

Now imagine having an unconditionally loving and compassionate mother and father taking care of us and keeping us safe. Without judgment, they always allow us to be ourselves fully, taking an expanded, wise, gentle approach while keeping us safe, loved, and protected.

Does that feel different?

We get to be that wise, loving, compassionate parent to ourselves!

During the second half of July, we will have the opportunity to learn how to be the loving presence for ourselves we’ve always been seeking.

Whatever thoughts come up during this time, simply honor, be with, and observe them, without trying to fix or change them.

The moment we try to fix and change our thoughts is the moment we start ”believing” them.

When we believe our thoughts, we start to activate the emotions from our past that are associated with them.

This is a great indicator that something within us desires to receive extra attention and love from us.

Rather than be in judgment about it, we can offer love and attention to ourselves by allowing our emotions and thoughts to fully be seen, heard, and honored exactly as they are.

Releasing the habit of fixing, controlling, or trying to change our thoughts and reactions is one of the greatest forms of self-love we can express.

With practice, and when the mind is ready, this allows the mind to feel and receive love from the unconditionally loving parent you had or desired to have as a child.

The mind can then soften its resistance towards us, and begin to be a team player rather than trying to do everything on its own.

Imagine what life will look like when our mind receives love from us, understanding that we don’t always have to believe what it’s saying in order for it to receive our love!

I’d say there’s lots of fun, freedom, play, ease, prosperity, happiness, creativity, and so many other magical blessings available there for us!

As always, please take great care of yourself, my friend.

May July be a month that brings you abundant blessings in every area of life!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,



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