Horus: Be The Creator Of Your World

horus eraoflightdotcomIf there is anything that you want to know about what is taking place around this world, first go within and ask why you want to know, and why you are seeing what is outside of you and not seeing that it is not what you are creating within yourself. That is what will tell you that you already know why what is taking place around the world will be continuing to affect you and how you can change that if you desire to.

Your world is how you create it, and as you realize that, you will find that there are no questions as to how it is for you, only realizations as to how you can continue to create it in your light and how you can enjoy or change it in any way that you feel to create it.

This is the time for you all to be the creator of your world, and join with others who reconcile their ways in the way that is in harmony with yours. We are all one, in the ways that we all choose to be in harmony. That is what brings Peace, Joy and Harmony to our lives, and brings about the knowledge that we are living in the Power of Love. I am Horus, and I live in harmony with all of you. We are the Love that we feel and Live.


» Source » Channel: Nancy Tatte