The Lady in the White Hat: The Ascended Masters are Activating

new light human eraoflightdotcomThe plan for The Event originated with Christ Michael, the God of this universe who served his mortal bestowal on this planet in the form of Jesus of Nazareth. It was a simple yet audacious plan that would both terminate the effects of the Lucifer Rebellion and liberate Earth from slavery to the Hivite invaders. The plan called for the coordinated incarnation of a great number of what we term Ascended Masters (from standout mortals such as Moses and John the Baptist, to mighty angels and archangels, to the Savior himself once again, and beyond this universe) – of course born under the veil of forgetfulness, yet to be ‘activated’ and become aware of their true nature when the right time came.

Today, the Masters, spread all across the globe, are swiftly awakening at this point in time when global power has been consolidated “using blackmailed sickos who were slowly elevated in rank to the top. The more unfathomable the deeds, the more control [they] achieved. Our swamp, across all industries, media & government, is now at FULL SATURATION.” – Joe M

The reader may be both pleased and relieved to know that many, many global political, military, and industry leaders, as well as entertainers and media personalities, are, in fact, Masters who were intentionally born into their positions, in essence ‘infiltrating’ the ranks of the bad actors. They voluntarily, in service to Michael and his brilliant plan, fell into tremendous darkness in order to be in positions of effectiveness when the veil began to lift. If you study the faces of those world leaders present at the recent G20 summit in Japan, you will very easily detect which of these leaders is now wide-awake and fully activated as Ascended Masters in extremely powerful positions toward global liberation.

The massively effective QAnon collective is heavily populated with Ascended Masters, recognizable by the degree of passion they possess toward the idea of liberation, their sense of brotherly love, and their love of God. Conversely, the Hivite collective among us has also become easily identifiable due to their open hatred of…well, basically anything and everything good for the human species. Today, being a Hivite is not a matter of bloodline or affiliation; rather, it is those globalist parasites lacking the ability to enter upon the Ascension path once their physical form passes.

Concurrent with the liberation of the planet from nonhuman usurpers, the isolation and quarantine resultant from the Lucifer Rebellion, which left Earth inhabitants “most confused and greatly retarded in all phases of intellectual progress and spiritual attainment,” will be lifted and the cosmic communication system circuits will be reinstated. It may be difficult to grasp the concept that we humans belong as part of an extremely orderly network of over 600 inhabited planets, all of which have the capacity to communicate interplanetarily, and beyond. Christ Michael’s loving plan, in spectacular action now, literally brings us back into His universal fold where we have long been missed.

The Event, reader, what you are participating in right this very minute, is no small ‘happening.’ The fulfillment of Michael’s plan in taking his army of Ascended Masters into the mortal realm and vanquishing the darkness, without ever once violating the universal law of Free Will, is something being hailed and celebrated throughout all of creation, all the way to the core of Paradise where our Heavenly Father presides. Earth is being restored to her rightful place in the cosmos, and tomorrow, July 4th, 2019, will mark a major turning point away from things have been run on this planet for the last several thousand years.

Wishing everyone a joyous Independence Day and a beautifully blessed future.


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