Ashtar: Appropriate Time

ashtar eraoflightdotcomThis is Ashtar Sheran with a message for our loved ones upon planet Shan.

Yesterday’s American celebration of Independence Day had grand expectations that never materialized. The president’s speech was rumored to be a revealing of the RV, the new promised world and more. He didn’t waver from his plan to simply celebrate the history of the United States, as it has been told you you over the past. Of course this history is not as you know it. Your minds have been altered to believe what you have been told.

This will be rectified in future when it is the appropriate time to do so. And with those words “appropriate time” I will say that this is not the appropriate time to reveal the RV to all those upon your planet who have no idea of what is going on. Some of you do and you are chomping at the bit to get started. But you have to understand you are a minority of the population upon your planet, and although you are in the know, these others are not. Your world must be dealt with as a whole, not in parts.

The lightworkers and starseeds are aware because they work with us. They are the first to become multidimensionals on your planet. They are there to help to lead the rest when it is their time to begin ascending.

As for information, the information must go out to you. If it goes out through the POTUS, as a whole, not in parts. Lightworkers must ready themselves to be able to help those with questions and many of you are not aware enough yet to fulfill that role.

The RV will not be revealed through pomp and circumstance. Not with parades, long speeches, fireworks and flyovers. It will be rolled out in small pieces, as it already has been, small enough for those who are listening to digest the information and to assimilate the new reality being created. Yes, you are co-creators so this new reality is being fed to you piece by piece.Your light power is the power that will create and hold this new reality in this new timeline for earth.

Of course, there are those who are attempting to confuse, lie, cause separation, wreak havoc as is want to happen on your planet. You have to take that element with a grain of salt.

Those who proclaim that John F Kennedy Jr will come back from the dead to speak to you at Mt Rushmore are fooling you. You must stay grounded. For much of the information you hear, you must have a “see it to believe it” attitude. Do not accept these claims unless you have the ability to sense energy. When you do sense the energy of these claims, you will see they are lies. Otherwise, investigate the claim and see if there is truth to it.

Your light power is the power that will create this new reality and yet so many of you are fooled by lies. We desire that you work on that gullibility with some realistic skeptism and ground yourself daily so that you are not so easily swayed when others are lying to you. They want you to create their reality and that reality is your lie, your untruth, so which do you choose? Do you choose peace and love for the people of earth or do you choose to continue the lie that has been perpetuated which continues to play out before you. It is up to you. You are the ones who are involved in this new timeline of creating a new earth. I can’t stress this enough. It is up to you, nobody else. Your energy is what is creating this new timeline so please stop falling for lies and rumors. Check with your intuition.

Your desire to be rescued is being played upon. You are here to rescue this world, not JFK Jr, or anyone else. You must stay level headed. Stop any wishful thinking. Adopt healthy skepticism. Don’t listen to everything that is told to you. Everything will happen as it’s supposed to but much of it has to do with the light energy that you put towards the truth as the truth can only be physically manifested by energy of its own frequency. Why do you think that your planet until now has been of such a low vibration? Because it is a web of lies, which obviously have not abated yet.

As for President Trump in his speech last night, he did exactly as he was supposed to do: he said nothing of the RV. Despite rumors that he was going to tell all, and to start the RV off, he held his ground and said nothing. And yes, we extraterrestrials were watching all of this. We watch you all the time.

This message is being relayed to you to tell you that it is up to you. Where you focus your energy is what will be created. Do you want the Truth of peace and Love to be created, or lies to continue to be created? Because when you fall for lies, you will create more lies.

I remain with you always,



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