Judas Iskariot: Your Task

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and today I will talk about the beautiful mind that lives in you. A mind so bright, warm and loving that you cannot avoid feeling a great peace and joy inside when you discover its brightness. It is your task to seek this mind and let the peace and joy surround you. It is when you perceive your inner self that peace can be manifested on Earth. Peace in your inner and outer world. It is God’s will that you be happy and it is when you shape your will as the heavy and dark within you crumble and be replaced with a quiet joy and peace. A new sky has then been attached above your heads and you now belong to another kingdom where only happiness lives.

Isn’t that where you long? Isn’t it where you want to steer your steps? Don’t you want to put off your veil of fatigue and worry and once again see the stars with a child’s happy eyes. God’s will is that you should be happy. What is your will? Are you looking for happiness or are you looking for more problems? What anger has power in your life? Is it the still loving mind that sees everything in a brightly loving shimmer, or is it the ego mind that sees problems everywhere, and they seem to thrive, in whatever direction you turn your eyes. The ego can capture you with temporary gifts, gifts of things you wanted, but it is a short-lived happiness. The bright mind can give you a constant inner joy of peace and happiness. Have you not played the ego game long enough now, to look through its cavities. Isn’t it time for you now to take the plunge and become a servant of light for the Earth you usually love and love.

It is from light that you have come and it is for light that you shall return. It is your most important function on Earth today,…. to seek your inner light and let it be the source where you draw your power and energy. It is from the light of your inner self that you lead yourself and your world out of darkness and into the light of joy and peace. You first need to let it grow within you so that you stand on solid ground and not let you be influenced by the world’s swings. Your seeende needs to be a true sighter from a bright perspective. Only the bright perspective can show you the real truths. Many people believe that they see the truths, but their eyes are often veiled. A brief temporary light cannot give you the truth that you are looking for. You need to live in a constant peace with yourself to see really clear.

Clarity is a gift that you all have when you have reached the light of your heart. Life can then be seen from a completely different point of view, and you immediately understand what is your most important task on Earth. The gifts that have been given to one have been given to everyone. God loves you all equally unconditionally and you as brothers and sisters should respect and love each other in the same way. Do you do that … dear Earthborder … do you? Have you found your heart where the unconditional love lives? Perhaps it is time that you take a deep dive within yourself, so that your precious treasure can be found and brought up to your consciousness. This is where it should be so that your steps become lighter and lighter. It is through the light of your heart that you change your own world, which in turn gives the re-examination in your outer world. Your life has now become a place of light, whose rays shine on the world, so that more people can capture them and become new transmitters of light.

This was what I wanted to talk to you about today and I am leaving you now in great love and peace.



» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg