Debri From Welsh ‘Roswell’ A 1983 UFO Crash

unraveling the truth eraoflightdotcomOne morning a farmer awakes to find his field covered in strange metallic debris, at first looking rather like crumpled tin foil. Assuming a plane had crashed the farmer called authorities and an air-force team investigated the material. Sound familiar? except this happened in 1983 Wales (UK)

Metal Aluminium Foil

This was the largest found

Screen Aberystwyth Roswell Ufo Incident

The patterned ‘paint’ surface covering the UFO debris composed from an unidentified compound

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This same honeycomb was found at another crash site, UFO debris from Plains of San Agustin

Mineral Plains Of San Agustin Unidentified Flying Object

Remember these were found 35 years ago

This is the area of the crash site

Water Resources Ecoregion



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