The Truth About Zero Point Energy Generators

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Zero Point Energy Nikola Tesla Secret Generator

The electricity companies might not be happy with this book launch: the Nikola Tesla Secret. This is about a genius person’s discoveries about the ability to generate free electricity. Even one of the reviewer of the book stated this is all about the utilities companies has kept away, because it could potentially end their independence.

Well, it’s great to have a look at the book and examining whether or not it can give us many great benefits as promised.

The Nikola Tesla Secret shows you how to set up a circuit that can be used to save your pay for electricity. The Tesla generator is able to generate free radiant energy that can be used for many electrical purposes. This system simply cuts your dependence on electricity generated from the companies since there’s no need for you to acquire any expensive batteries to store excess electricity.

The easiness in setting up the machine can be another big plus point; you can find all the spare parts in any local electronics store and you will not pay more than $100 to fully build. Isn’t it interesting?

The Tesla Secret device does harness energy from the sun, so it will give you an emission-free system which is completely environmentally friendly. The most interesting part of the build is that you can take profit from it. The electrical devices that you are powering up using this device will automatically save you more money. Even the heavy device like refrigerator, plasma TV and clocks can be included into the list of devices powered by the

Tesla Device you’ve built.

Nikola Tesla worked intently upon developing his electrical technology in his laboratory in Colorado Springs. His produces remarkable findings , one of them is the high voltages and currents with his electrical devices that sparks fly about the lab while from the antenna thick blue lightning streaks upwards 100 feet into the sky and thunder claps are heard over 15 miles away.

1. TRANSFORMER comprising:

a. Thick Coil of short length and few turns, which acts as the primary in the transmitter and as the secondary in the receiver.
b. Thin Coil of longer length and many turns, which acts as the secondary in the transmitter and as the primary in the receiver. This coil would be 50 miles in length or one fourth the wavelength of a lightwave whose circuit was 185,000 miles long.
c. Magnetic Core attached to the earth and elevated terminal.

2. POWER SOURCE deriving energy from coal or a waterfall.


4. CONTAINER OF LIQUID AIR (-197°F) which causes “an extraordinary magnification of oscillation in the resonating circuit[s].”

5. ELEVATED TERMINAL or bulbous top for accumulating stored charge. To obtain highest possible frequency, a terminal of small capacity (like a taught spring) and high pressure is employed.

Figure 1. The sending and receiving magnifying transmitters are built essentially the same way. The length and size of the tower and transformer is in a harmonic relationship to the electromagnetic properties of the earth. It has a multipurpose function. Standing k waves generated in resonant relationship to known earth currents could be used as carrier frequencies for transmitting electrical power.

Real scientists have known for centuries that the earth is a giant electromagnet having a North and South magnetic pole. Tesla was using this knowledge to broadcast electricity just like radio and TV waves are broadcast.

You can learn more about Nikola Tesla and his famous, phenomenal findings in his life. The details might be too long to explore here. Thus, you can google it, and get your answer outside.


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8 Replies to “The Truth About Zero Point Energy Generators”

  1. Tom Burgess

    I Have a Fully Functioning series of test models that employ the various phases and properties of Tesla’s Zero-point Energy.

      1. Tom Burgess

        I am in the USA. Isle of Man is becoming a very serious consideration for migrating to.

        1. Fiona Kitchen

          Hi Tom, apologies, I’ve only just seen your comment. Ah ok! Why Isle of Man?!! Aren’t you jumping out of the proverbial frying pan and into the fire?!

          1. Tom Burgess

            Hi Fiona,
            Isle of Man is a Banking Nation. Like Switzerland and South Africa, they don’t take sides in Politics. Since the whole World is taking Climate Change actions, they are the ones doing International funding for Breakthrough Projects.
            The USA, contrary to their Public Statements, have no interests in Solving, or even addressing the Issues. The USA has spent all of their funds on Vaccines and windmills, literally ignoring Everything else.
            Odd coincidences with my funding transfer dates:
            First, in January, after excessive customs delays, my UBS Bank card arrived only to have Omicron variant shut down SWIFT Funds Transfers (why?)
            Second, in March, after a heated NATO meeting, my finances were ordered to be allowed through. The same day, the Ukraine Conflict put new Restrictions on SWIFT Funds Transfers.
            I am not the Only One who feels like our Government is actively trying to stop this project. Of course, it stands to End their 20 year campaign to profit from windmills and solar panels…

    1. Vicki Tharp

      Please share. I am theoretical mathematician but not engineer. I want to start experimenting with this.

      1. Tom

        The sky is positive, the ground is negative. The only limit to that is what you charge. Capacitors, Diodes and plates of metal are all you need to get started

        1. Vicki Tharp

          Copper wire? WIll this work with frozen ground? Does electricity need to be able to travel for this to work?