Yeshua: What’s Happening In Your Now

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newI am Jesus Christ and today I have come to keep you company in a turbulence that many are in within themselves. I am here to calm down the waves and to make it easier for you to see the light through the water cascades. There are many who seek and try to understand what is happening in their lives now. It seems that some feel that they have lost their footing and that they are looking confused.

This is only part of the process of releasing old patterns, so that new patterns can emerge. Pattern of a lighter and happier color that gives you more joy and freedom in your life. Changes usually occur in connection with chaos and turbulence. Something needs to be shaken and stopped before something new can be seen.

Some may have already gone through this phase of their lives and can calmly receive these waves of light that are now flowing towards Earth. However, no one is not affected in one way or another. There are changes in your lives now dear people on Earth. There may be small changes and there may be major changes. Some are not noticed so much while others are throwing their lives at some level. The best way to meet this is to be in the moment in your heart and let it happen that will happen. It is in your acceptance to let life shape you as you can meet all the changes in a way that makes you ride out the storm without any major worries. It is in your resistance that life can be perceived as heavy and difficult. Release the gloom and put your worries in God’s hand and he will lead you to your right path and there you will again find the light and love of your life.

Do not despair of dear friends after chaos and tumult so the light always breaks through. Above the clouds there is always a sun and it shines bright and warm from a place where the whole can be seen. What happens to you and the best of the earth, so that your greatest and most beautiful potential can be brought forth. Inside, a bright and beautiful master lives with creative abilities to create a world of light and love. It is to this light being that the light turns to it again to guide your life with light and love in mind and heart. It does not happen if you remain in the same track but the tracks need to be ripped over and take a different path, so that new and better perceptions can come to change the life of you and your fellow human beings. Nothing happens by itself, sometimes a helping hand is needed, which rides a little on the performances so that new ones can come forward.

In the time that you live in now, things happen all the time and new inventions are made, one after another. It is buzzing in thought and creativity, but if one cannot go outside the box of the inmate then man is still standing and stomping. The spiritual perspective needs to be incorporated into the scientific perspective if it is to become a holistic perspective. It is bursting with life on Earth and in the Universe, a life that must be considered and respected. One cannot be without the other in the modern world that you live in today. Today, many researchers agree, but it has not yet had enough impact and that is why this turbulence arises in your world. The cold of materialism must be mixed with the warmth of spirituality so that common sense can prevail in the world. The common sense that lives in the truth that is in your Holy Self, and this Holy Self exists in every living being on the planet. It is your Holy Self that will now have a bigger place in your life, and this also applies to your planet. You rise together to the highest heights of yourselves and then form a new world to live in. A world of love and light, your darkness does not dare.

That’s where I follow you, that’s where I lead you, that’s where the truth and reason live.


» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg