The 9D Arcturian Council: The Recent Downloads & Upgrades

the arcturians eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are beyond satisfied with how you all have been handling the recent energies that have been coming in. You are doing such a wonderful job of handling the upgrades and downloads that have come with these energies. We have noticed that a large majority of those of you who are awake have been able to utilize what you’ve been given to provide assistance to your fellow humans.

This is a big part of what you will be doing moving forward. You’re not going to be receiving upgrades and downloads just so you can feel special, or just so you can impress your friends. Everyone is getting exactly what they need in order to be of service to those who are closest to them.

Those who have a bigger reach and are serving a larger portion of humanity are going to receive more, and some of you are going to be asked to step up more so that you can reach a larger group of humanity. All of you are going to have the opportunity to give what you have received to the human collective consciousness. That happens automatically.

But some of you are going to need to step up to be of service because there are more individuals awakening now than ever before on your planet. You are going to see large scale awakenings happening, which means there will be more individuals looking for those like you who have been doing this ascension work for quite some time.

And of course, many of the individuals who will be seeking you out will be those who have known you for your entire lives, or at least most of your lives. And they will want to know what to do about what is happening. You have been sharpening your skills, and that is precisely why you are able to intensity of these energies that have been coming in to light a fire under you, but also to support you. We know that you can handle it all, and we are counting on our knowing that you can handle even more. The party is just beginning to get started there on Mother Earth.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


» Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton










6 Replies to “The 9D Arcturian Council: The Recent Downloads & Upgrades”

  1. Cheri

    Thank you Michael! Gosh I so appreciate your encouragement and the wave of love you send energetically! This is really, really hard work that is of course my honor to do in service but is quite relentless! I will never forget your story of your new calf “Hope”. Thank you for loving and taking care of our animals here within the cycle of life as it’s all about the love we give them which increases the vibrational quality of all the products in our food chain. It’s all an energetic exchange. Love ya too! Thanks for the encouragement and heart infusion 💓

  2. EK

    Question for anyone who can help, please:

    Maybe there is something I am doing/not doing, or I am missing something, or just simply have not received it yet, but…

    Will I know where I am at, and/or what I need to do, my own status in the whole picture, etc?

    Sorry, but right now, I do not have a clue where I stand. I could be wrong, but I feel like I am one who has a long way to go, needing a lot of “work” to go forward.

    Thanks for your time and help.

    1. Cheri

      Hi EK. This is my perspective from being fully in this thing 7 years actively doing this clearing work in the astral and having the creator using my lightbody to dismante the matrix mind control. I can hear the clearing program being sung all around me and see the creator shapeshifting in and out of timelines but I still do not have a direct dialogue because our 3d brainwaves are still clearing. I have only gained some knowing as what the heck is going on by listening, feeling, sensing, researching things from soul nudgings and letting everything flow through me. When I finally in frustration asked my higher Hilarion Ascended Master self why he isn’t talking to me. He just briefly said “we aren’t at that timeline yet” lol!

      So most of us are in a holding pattern until the creator clears the last of the mind control infiltration of christ consciousness. My team is working on this specifically and I am hearing we will be done this year.

      You feel very clear to me and heart centered! There is huge multidimensional coordination going right now at the soul level we just can’t percieve it yet because of the 3d brainwave interference. We are just waiting for the christ consciousness to be fully cleared from these false timelines that I wrote about when the wheat was infiltrated. We are all one and there are still parts or pieces of the angelic DNA fragmented in these matrix timelines running the algorithms through our brainwaves.

      So hang in there we are all feeling like you. What’s going on? and where do I stand? because the quantum infiltration and the weapons still running through the brainwaves are not allowing us to percieve ourselves in the higher realms or connect with our star families directly until the infiltration of the brainwaves clears which is happening right now. The archons that were covering all the angelic DNA are being released from the last of the false timelines and healing through us right now.

      Like I said, you feel extremely clear to me energetically and have done the work!! We are all letting the last of our christ consciousness clear through the brainwaves so we can have direct contact once again. Hope this helps! Love you 😘

      1. EK

        Thank you, Cheri, for your help.
        I recently came across a post on Intel Dinar Chronicles entitled The Earth Alliance/White Hats Control Earth.
        My understanding is we just recently shifted into a 5D timeline, and those remaining in 3D are getting a little p***ed.
        My question, soon to be posted, is how do you tell if a person is still in 3D?
        I think you may have helped answer my other question of how do I know if I am? Sounds like I made it, eh? 🙂 lol
        I am quite encouraged that it is finally happening, and often ask, you mean we actually MADE IT?
        One more question…for now…to understand…if you know:
        Once this clearing is complete, and we have direct contact, what is 5D like? I take it no comparison to 3D?

        Thank you again for your help.


        EK 🙂

        1. Cheri

          Hi again EK! So fun to talk about it. It really helps explore into it. I get this feeling we are all chatting away at the soul level in the higher dimensional realms. Then I crack up and think well of course this would be the state of omnipresent unity. Just sharing our experiences, laughing and loving (which is probably a very linear, simplistic interpretation of the quantum nature of things lol!)

          So yes I definately feel the white hats and alliance are in full control here on earth and I know for a fact the creator is cleaning up the quantum infiltration and dismantling the hell realms of the SSP and dismantling the inorganic plastic matrix timelines that were created when the wheat was infiltrated by this crazy Atlantian experiment to accelerate the lightbody which ripped a hole up through Andromeda in the space time consciousness fabric of source.

          You can tell if someone is still in 3d clearing the matrix if they are still highly emotional, volitile, miserable, complaining, needing safe spaces due to feeling victimized, resonating through fear of anything, hating others, violent, defending beliefs and being triggered by anything. Most of these people have a ton of angelic DNA that got all covered with fallen archons from another universe which all bled through into each other sort if like that Philadephia experiment. The earth elements fell too and our carbon chakras in the angelic realm got a reptilian overlay (reptiles are animal elementals).

          My feeling is we all will clear into 5d once the quantum realms are cleared. It will be their soul choice if the soul can survive this internal evolution in this physical incarnation and recover from the trauma. The older Illuminati power structure probably won’t be able to survive their internal transition but the young ones will who are resilient and can find their power in overcoming the horrific abuse of their childhoods will be stronger in full coherence of all their fragments once again. But we have to stop these dark ones from access to the children which the alliance is working on right now and lock em up.

          Ok about the quantum thing here is all I know so far. All the 3d timelines are being reverse engineered by our higher selves back to the time before the infiltration and universal trauma of this failed experiment. We were in 5d Atlantis at that time. Then the timelines will return to 5d from that now moment and fractalize organically so our entire ancestral line will heal, know no trauma and carry on with their lifetimes and subsequent generations (us) will not have the cellular resonance with the trauma but will have gained the wisdom of these experiences stored cellularly and in akashic memories.

          What my higher self calls quantum immersion I am still on the cusp of understanding as the brainwaves heal but from what I have observed the creator doing I feel like we will be able to travel or shapeshift into any of our soul timelines. It’s like walking into them and being fully immersed or absorbed into the full experience. Just so fun and interesting to explore. Yet we will be aware of participating in multiple timelines simultaneously. This is how powerful the divine mind is once the brainwaves are not effed up. Its omnipresence or christ consciousness. Once you are in lightbody which most of us in this community are the whole body travels not just your awareness. This timeline we are in now will heal from all the birth defects, diseases and cellular trauma caused by the wheat infiltration. This part feels like magic to me (can’t quite fathom it yet) but with full christ consciousness we will be able to instantly transmute the entire body into it’s intended perfection. This is why it is evolution of our entire cellular structure happening simultaneously in parallel realities right now. We are the only ones (of our many selves and ancestors) who can’t percieve it yet because of the algorithms running through the fallen archons and fallen aspects of christ consciousness.

          Wow! Maybe I will right a post lol!! I never knew how much I knew til you just asked me EK hahahaha!! This knowing sneaks up on you.
          That is why it is important we talk to each other as well as read. But we have to be in joyful spirit like you and me so we dont resonate in emotional pain just discernment of truth. Once we are clear in full 5d cellular resonance we won’t feel invaded by aliens or attacked by the archons but realize it was a horrible experiment gone terribly wrong. However these dark ones here in 3d are still causing chaos for power, control and greed so we gotta lock em up for the safety of us all.

          I get the feeling like some of us will have this christed consciousness like this year or next because we are old souls and have done the work to stay balanced through this clearing. This was our mission to anchor the light. Our physical aspects will stay here in perfection and build a new world that works for all of us with 5d concepts and leadership. But we will be aware, participating and having fun in parallel realities as well. Like a giant mansion or house where you know what’s going on and playing in every room lol!

          Then the system will be fully organic in evolution once again. The rest of us will awaken in stages over the course of years as the masses evolve naturally into their higher selves through a purely organic system. The younger souls will come in and be allowed to progress and learn as well. But the energy will not be so dense and the DNA can fully flower in all its splendor because the earth can support all of us multidimensionally once again yay!

          You you definately made it woohoo lol!!!! This whole quantum thing is so fascinating to me! Love you! Love the conversation too! 😘

          1. Michael

            Your comments flow so nice and explode with positive energy & love.
            Keep up the good work. You shine so bright!
            Love Ya, Michael