Master El Morya: Revolution of Heart and Spirit

master el morya eraoflightdotcomOnce you have put down your own blocks, the game on earth changes and the wind starts to spin. Every positive development of humanity underlies the impulse that an individual can send out for it.

So bring clarity to your own spiritual affairs. Remove the blockages and obstacles that create fears and paralyze you.

Courageous actions become possible only when you are really free inside. Then you can devote yourself to the themes of this world and light your light on the hill.

Borrowed power

The power of the sinister rulers this matrix is ​​a borrowed power – borrowed from you that lets you switch and administer.

When you first realize what power emanates from you and what power is in you to turn fortunes in the positive direction, then their power ends.

For this it is necessary to remove everything that prevents you from recognizing, accepting and applying your power.

So you can feel the wind of freedom, it is the blockages that keep you from recognizing.

There is talk that people – who are self-evident – would never or could not endure the present conditions in this world.

You endure cold-heartedness towards man and the exploitation of the planet solely because you are inwardly blocked and not free.

Who dares to raise his voice free from hate and without retribution? There are FEW – but the time has come, in which it should be more, has long since begun. You will get more as you bring clarity to your own affairs as a SINGLE.

Today’s revolution, if successful, must be that of the mind and heart. Only in this symbiosis can fertile things flourish and a new human society emerge.

To realize the visions of your clarified hearts, that is what makes the Golden Age.

The way there is a path of awareness.

To shed the chains of this world is easy, if you no longer fear those who put you in chains, and you meet those who live by fanning fears with your love and your light.

Who has recognized that light dissolves the darkness and that it can never be the other way round, is the best way to gain inner and outer freedom.

To recognize and dissolve fears, to perceive and remove blockages, to transform powerlessness into power – and the ship of life gains momentum and anchors in a safe haven at the end of the journey.


Your healing heals the world and my light shines on you.


» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl