Saint Germain: Christ Energies

saint germain eraoflightdotcomMy Friends, I am St. Germain. The Golden Time is here. You all do an outstanding job that can keep the Light in your hearts. In this way, you spread the Love Light / Christ energies to others. As waves on the water, the message spreads to humanity the world over. You should know that you are the Light-bearer and the Light-warriors around the world, in all possible different countries, religions and environments, depending on the choices you made for this incarnation.

Nothing can stop the healing and rising of the planet Gaia to higher spheres because it is already done. Nothing can stop justice and love from winning because all this happens in this moment. Those who, for one reason or another, choose not to follow this train of love, they step off and continue their development toward the Creator’s divinity elsewhere. Everyone chooses from their free will and that is what it should be.

A short time of external chaos may occur when Gaia’s equilibrium is restored. You will soon experience how everything is balanced across the earth. How inequalities are balanced by a new economy and a new monetary system. How you all engage is increasingly in your fellow human beings who today live under vulnerable conditions. How you change the world through your way of thinking in relation to animals and nature for now ALL the insight that your wonderful planet Gaia is a living organism.

The more you are able to live in your heart, the faster this transition phase leads to your highest happiness, with many dear reunions with old friends and many dear memories of “other times and places” returning to you. There are many following you, from Galaxies both near and far because your grand work gives a result with great impact throughout the great Universes. Even in Agartha, the inner world of the earth, your friends are waiting for a closer and more general contact with you.

Do not despair if you ever have what you call “a bad day” or moment. It must be physical or mental. Consider that your entire cellular system is transformed into the new high energies. Remember that it is your old self that you regain. You all return to your essence, the one you are yourself. The one who gathered all the millenniums of knowledge, now returning to you in the beautiful creation of this incarnation. Many of you are tired or feel old and frail in the body, but the soul / yours I am immortal and eternal. When Gaia and you are cleaned in your bodies and toxins and other things that the bodies have been exposed to, you regain the healthy bodies as you wish. Already now you can easily ask one of us for extra help with healing when you need it. Sananda here beside me is, as you know, good at healing, as well as the agar, myself and everyone else here in the higher spheres.

I send healing purple light and all my love for you, admired friends.

Your constant friend is St. Germain.


» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla