The House of Odescalchi is the Top Bloodline of the Black Nobility

serving the open mind eraoflightdotcomThe House of Odescalchi is a top bloodline of the Black Nobility with princely titles and palaces in Rome, Italy, and Hungary. The Odescalchis are the most tyrannical family on the planet and are using particle accelerators to oppress society. They are lawless criminals that are extremely arrogant.

The Odescalchis are the Dukes of Syrmia in Hungary and they have owned Ilok Castle in Croatia. The Odescalchis own the Zemun Mafia clan around Belgrade. Syrmia is near Zemun. The currently imprisoned Sretko Kalinic has been the boss of the Zemun Mafia and he is a mass murderer and cannibal.

The still existing Odescalchi de Szerem of Hungary are titled Princes of Serbia. The Italian Odescalchis had titles in Como, Italy along the Swiss border and also established a wealthy bank in Genoa. The Odescalchi family has been involved with the Roman Catholic Church producing Pope Innocent XI or Benedetto Odescalchi as well as several Catholic bishops.

Pope Innocent XI freed Jewish prisoners in Venice and then also banned Jewish banks from making loans which benefitted his family’s Genoese bank. The Odescalchi, Giustiniani, Savoy, and Pallavicini families likely have a large amount of shares in Banca Carige. Banca Carige was founded in 1483 and is headquartered in Genoa.

Norway’s central bank or Norges Bank currently has about 2% shares in Banca Carige. The royal family of Norway are covertly allied with the Odescalchis and Pallavicinis and funnel their wealth through Banca Carige to finance organized crime, bribes, human trafficking, and gang stalking.

Pope Innocent XI and his family’s bank were suspected of financing William of Orange who overthrew King James II. Henry Sydney the 1st Earl of Romney was the one who wrote and negotiated the terms with William of Orange. The name Romney means Roman. The Romneys are politicians in Michigan and the Odescalchis own the Detroit Mafia.

The Dutch takeover of England occurred under Pope Innocent XI’s reign. The Protestant Dutch House of Orange-Nassau are currently intermarried with the north Italian Bourbon-Parma family and have close connections with Rome and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Odescalchi family were involved with Italian Jesuit factions and were also opposed to the Spanish Jesuits.

Carlo Odescalchi was the son of the Odescalchi and Giustiniani princely banking families and he ruled as the Archbishop of Ferrara, the Grand Prior of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Judge of the Roman Rota, and then later became a member of the Society of Jesus. The Prince family of Holland, Michigan serve the Odescalchi family with the Knight of Malta Erik Prince.

Erik Prince was a founder of Blackwater and is currently the head Frontier Services Group which has operations in Africa and Asia. The House of Odescalchi are working closely with the Giustiniani and Pallavicini banking families to this day.

The Pallavicini family were bankers from Genoa which merged a family branch with the Rospigliosi Papal nobility, and also established a fiefdom in the Austrian-Hungarian territory. The American Daniel Odescalchi is the president of Strategic Advantage International which is a political consulting firm that has done work for Hungarian politicians.

The Odescalchi family own some Slovak mafias like the Cernakovci crime family. Andy Stefanovich is a Serbian-American businessman and investor from Detroit and a link between the Serbian Mafia and Detroit Mafia. The Odescalchi family also owns the Detroit Mafia also called the Detroit Partnership which run the Teamsters unions currently headed up by James Hoffa.

Jack Giacalone is the head of the Detroit Mafia he serves the Odescalchis and his father and uncle were investigated for the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. Daniel Gilbert is a Jewish billionaire that renamed his casino company Jack Entertainment to honor the mafia boss Jack Giacalone.

Jack Giacalone and the Tocco family run the Detroit Mafia. A ruthless gang stalker named Steven James Dishon works under the Detroit Mafia and Daniel Gilbert. The Romney family are a political bloodline of Michigan and also involved with the auto industry. Mitt Romney’s father George Romney worked for American Motor Corporation which absorbed into Chrysler.

The Romney family and Detroit Partnership’s agents in the teamsters extorted and manipulated the auto industry to cause the government bailout.

The family often uses the name Erba-Odescalchi for their merger with the Erba family that ruled in the town of Cernobbio, Italy. I believe that CERN was cleverly named after Cernobbio which is on the Italian and Swiss border. Fabiola Gianotti is the Director General of CERN today and she was born in Rome.

There have been various Austrian and Hungarian nuclear physicists like John von Neumann. The House of Odescalchi’s role from Rome is overseeing the development and use of advanced technologies and weapons in society. CERN oversees most of the particle accelerators around the world and it is the Swiss bankers which are financing the Uranium and Plutonium which fuels them.

There is a statue of Shiva at CERN. The nuclear physicist Robert Oppenheimer was involved in the development of nuclear technologies and the creation of the atomic bomb. Robert Oppenheimer quoted Vishnu-Shiva stating “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Particle accelerators are a type of nuclear weapon that are enhancing gravity which is like magnetic pressure in the lower atmosphere. Along with HAARP they are able to direct these magnetic emissions over targeted areas.

With HAARP and other similar tools controlled by the USAF they can ionize parts of the atmosphere. When the magnetism is released from a particle accelerator they can ionize pathways to move around this magnetic pressure through the vector.

When they run these particle accelerators it makes society feel lethargic and more stressed. Gravity is related with time and the perception of time which is basically the speed of movement. The Odescalchis have a clock tower at their Ilok Castle in Croatia. A gang stalker named Jesse Like has been targeting me for decades and has stolen my property, threatened me with a gun, threatened to jump me on three different occasions with his fellow thugs and he works for the Odescalchis.

Jesse Like is really a coward that abuses women and cant fight people on his own. He also called the police when someone broke his jaw. That is the nature of these cowardly gang stalkers.

The name Like derives from a town near Serbia also near where the Odescalchis ruled in Croatia. the Odescalchis are owners of Serbian Mafias with Sreten Jocic a top Serbian mobster that has operated in the Netherlands. Milan Panic is a Serbian-American businessman and former Prime Minister of Yugoslavia. Milan Panic is an overseer of the Serbian Mafia in the United States.

The word gravity derives from the Latin word gravis which means weight or heavy. Scalchi in Ode-scalchi refers to scales which measure weight. Ode refers to poems and in ancient times odes were used along with harps.

They are also using HAARP for individual and mass mind manipulation. HAARP antennas can ionize the atmosphere and also emit radio waves used for electromagnetic harassment. The Pallavicini family of Austria have a statue holding a harp on their palace in Vienna.

Prince Moroello della Vittoria Pallavicini and Prince Carlo Odescalchi can be seen socializing together. These families are targeting areas and individuals with magnetic pressure while they also radiate society with mind control frequencies.

It is like they are holding someone down and trying to dictate their will onto them. They are ruthless psychopaths that need to be executed. The actor and Scientologist Tom Cruise was married at the Castello Orsini-Odescalchi and serves them as a Knight of Malta.

Scientology is involved with using electronic witchcraft on society through brain hacking software like GENESIS, BRIAN, and NEURON operating through most modern electronics and smart devices. GENESIS was created by the Jesuit James Mason Bower.

Prince Edmond Odescalchi is a Hungarian born American author and financial consultant that has worked for International Business Machines Corporation and he oversees the use of particle accelerators on Americans.

One particle accelerator in my region is the extremely destructive Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island headed up by Doon Gibbs who works in Condensed Matter Physics.

They are using particle accelerators to create increases in gravitational pressure to condense matter including human beings. Doon Gibbs and the entire leadership of the Brookhaven Laboratory is pure evil.

The Odescalchis are oppressors and dictators. The Odescalchis also have an existing Hungarian noble branch with several members and some of this family branch moved to the UK with Paul Eduardo Odescalchi.

Current members of this family include Prince Carlo Odescalchi, Princess Lucia Odescalchi, Princess Sophia Odescalchi, Prince Baldassare Odescalchi, Prince Michel Odescalchi, Princess Maria Pace Odescalchi, Princess Vittoria Odescalchi and Prince Edmond Odescalchi. Prince Carlo Odescalchi is the current head and an extremely dangerous tyrant. Every person on the planet should be demanding that these tyrants be executed.


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