Archangel Michael: A New World Has Begun

archangel michael eraoflightdotcomDearest Child, Archangel Michael here – it has been a while, your vibration has finally cleared enough to hear and intuit my vibration once again.

For I AM here for you and standing in front of you – guiding you out of the depths of fear dearest hearts and into the courage to confront the demons of the past that have plagued you in the background of your existence for quite some time dear children.

For you are the warriors of light and we know it has not been an easy path for you to transcend, walking seemingly alone in the darkness. And then, with this most recent arrest, the light is coming out behind you dear children. For once the darkness has been brought out completely and washed away in the memory of what has passed, you will once again begin to breathe more freely – with the demons placed away, into another world and you will move forward unencumbered by the burdens that have just been released and you shall sigh a collective sigh of relief. For this most aggregious transgression has been underlying the heart of fear in this dimension and the release of the warrants coming will continue to let the air out of the balloon – releasing the fear and comforting those who have been victimized by this type of horrendous crime for many many millennia dear children.

For the lives that have been lost in covering this up, and the many many victims for which justice has been sought, is a major victory for those standing in the light dear ones. But not all those who say they are innocent actually are, there may be a few, but most of those whose names have already been put into the light of day are guilty of the crimes to which they will have to pay. And you have seen that it is not delegated to one small tribe, but to many across the ‘higher’ walks of life – men and women and children all involved in these dastardly schemes, too many to count now it seems. And we have tried to protect you – tried to intervene, but the power of the ages / divine will vs. divine intervention only allowed a minimal impact – for some reason, you have chosen to witness and participate in the recognition of such a sordid state and to rectify the ramifications before it is too late.

For you will be moving forward shortly, into the unknown lands – with your hearts and hands cleared of any interference from the ‘dark’ ones – the ‘fallen’ ones will move off and over to dissolve into dust, the lessons they have brought with them will be enough.

The air has been cleared, dirty laundry hung out to dry, and in the sunshine you will find, a more legitimate enterprise that has only been a front for the decrepit and deceitful to hide behind. This too will be routed out and cleared of any less fortunate magnifications of dark light and in the days that follow, the world shall begin to sparkle and shine with the hearts and minds of the infinite light.

Many blessings to you dearest children of light – may you walk ever forward knowing what is right and that it is time for the record to be cleared and for you to emerge free and clear from the disturbances experienced here.

The heavy lifting has been done, new world has begun.

Sit and watch what is to come.

For there is so much more waiting to move out – coming to the surface to be cleared out.

Fragments of light now shining through, holes in the atmosphere allowing the deepest rays of light from way on high to start to shine and reverberate through your skies.

In many ways this has not been too long

And in many others it has been far from done

Now the song has been sung and it is time to sing along

Watching and waiting for the shift has begun

With love and blessings – Karen


» Source » Channel: Karen Vivenzio