Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Execution of George Bush Sr., Doomed JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank

connecting the dots eraoflightdotcom.jpegThe execution of George Bush Sr. and his wife Barbara is finally opening doors to a real takedown of the satanic Khazarian mafia cabal, multiple sources agree. This is seen in all sorts of news events being reported even by the corporate slave media. The resignation of Trump’s Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta over his involvement in covering up for Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein is just another domino to fall. At least 110,000 others will follow, including a wide swathe of politicians, celebrities, and billionaires, promise Pentagon sources.

This purge at the top of world power will go hand-in-hand with a massive campaign to fix up the planet. “A letter of recommendation for a world future planning agency has been distributed to all sovereign heads of state,” according to a high-level European royal family source. The plan to reforest an area the size of the U.S. and China combined has been added to this proposal, the source also said.

This proposal is under a diplomatic corporate/associated press embargo until the market-moving details of its structure are worked out, the source says. However, he says it has already been decided that the project will dwarf even the multi-trillion-dollar Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.

World financial markets, which are becoming a giant hallucination with negative interest rates and soaring stock prices, may be shut down and rebooted as a part of the preparations, the source adds.

However, a complete purge of the satanic elements of the world power structure will be needed before this is possible, Pentagon and CIA sources note. This has continued with a Special Forces raid on the Clinton Foundation and other satanic infrastructures that took place during a power outage in Manhattan last week, the sources say.

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“While China may get media attention, an extreme prejudice counterintelligence task force aided by the NSA, the military, and Russia is ridding America of the [satanic] Zionist parasite, as the CIA and FBI atone for their crimes and protection of Epstein,” Pentagon sources say.

“With 110,000 indictments that are being unsealed with Epstein, a Twitter outage and California quakes, ICE raids with federal troops may lead to mass arrests, as Trump knows that it is now or never if he is to win in 2020,” one Pentagon source says.

Clearly, even if Trump is a Zionist agent, the push from the lower and middle ranks of the military-industrial complex will pop him out of power like a cork from a champagne bottle if he tries to stop it.

The Pentagon sources add, “Israel is under siege as former Prime Minister Ehud Barak may have commanded Epstein blackmail operations as well as 9/11.” Barak appears to have been ratted on by war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, and internecine fighting in Israel intensifies, MI6 sources note.

Israel is also feeling the heat because “Turkey is getting Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missiles to break up NATO, project power, protect its offshore gas in Cyprus, and put Israel back in its sandbox,” the Pentagon sources say.

When in trouble, the fake Jews attack themselves in order to appear persecuted and justify aggression, Mossad sources say. That is why the Mossad-created Hamas organization is now calling for Jews to be killed around the world, they say.

Message to the Jews: Relax, nobody is going to kill you; you are just being liberated from thousands of years of satanic Babylonian tyranny.

This imminent liberation can be seen as pressure against the satanists is intensifying from all directions, with pushes for “FISA disclosure, 9/11, 3/11 [Fukushima], and Malaysian Air Flight 370/17 declassification,” Pentagon sources confirm.

This can be seen with investigations of Deutsche Bank, which indicate it was involved not only with financing Epstein, but also with drug-money laundering and with the Malaysian 1MDB scandal, multiple sources agree.

Former Prime Minister Najib Razak, who has been arrested in this scandal involving the embezzlement of billions of dollars, has been singing like a canary, CIA sources in Southeast Asia say.

Razak is negotiating a plea bargain in which he will trade his secret files on Malaysian Air Flight 370/17 for leniency, the sources say.

As long-time readers of this newsletter know, Flight 370/17 was used by former U.S. President Barack Obama for nuclear blackmail against world leaders, among other things. banks-dealings-malaysias-1mdb-after-goldman-throws-it-under-bus

Another indication that Bush Senior is no longer around to sweep things under the carpet was that a ship owned by Bush-affiliated JP Morgan was worth $ 1.3 billion worth of cocaine was blown up.

The US Just Seized a Ship Owned by JP Morgan That Had $1.3 Billion in Cocaine on It

The overthrow of Bush has also unmasked the EUSSR led by Germany.

The British, as we said last week, have shown that they can cut off European access to the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean and the Suez Canal when they start playing Brexit hardball.

The European Galileo GPS system was decommissioned as part of a campaign to capitulate the EU, sources in the Pentagon said.

No wonder that Angela Hitler trembled in public for the third time in three weeks.

German right-wing sources say that if Merkel is not attacked with electronic weapons, then she has serious health problems that are due to a neurological or even neurodegenerative disorder like Parkinson’s disease or even a prion disease like Kuru.

The public has the right to know the exact reasons for their tremors, the source adds.

It can only be stress. The dismissal of the British ambassador to the US last week, according to a source of the British royal family was also part of the fierce clashes.

We dismissed our envoy to Washington for insulting the Farnese [Pentagon] family.

Do not pay attention to the garbage they publish.

This source also provided insight into the infiltration of Satanists of the highest European powers:

Really, it’s pretty awful, but it’s a cult and, as we know, a religious fanatic.

All fanatics are deadly and dangerous outside of very advanced psychiatry to deal with them. Incidentally, [former British Prime Minister] Tony Blair was compromised to be completely controlled by the satanic cult of the Ninth Circle at the Mothers of Darkness site in Europe.

We believe it was this incident that was used in the illegal Anglo-American war in Iraq. Much of what you report is symptomatic of the total rottenness of the world government that I confronted.

Remember, Tony Blair and George Bush Jr. both went to private talks with Pope Maledict (Benedict XVI) after their departure from office to seek protection from prosecution for their crimes in Iraq.

Take a look at this picture

from Maledict (or any picture of him) and you can see the pure evil. It looks like he’s under the control of a malignant entity. 25e2% 2580% 2599-solidarjeta-times-papa-quddiem- l-iskandlu-ta

World institutions were very dysfunctional and massively compromised by Western families, who, to be perfectly honest, either simply gave up or thought their new generations completely incapable, as did Rothschild, whom I replaced, “the royal source said ,

There was one element in the ruling class of the world that was very lazy – it was really a mafia – and things have changed now, or at least the trajectory has changed, he added.

The transmission of power at the highest level of Western institutions enables the disclosure and arrest of the public, as this and other sources agree.

The last domino that falls could be Japan. Here, a criminal government clings to power, ruled by false opinion polls, wrong elections, false economic statistics, murder and bribery.

You’ll probably get away with the election to the House of Lords on 21 July with another election campaign.

The person who brought this government to power, Richard Armitage, is a dead man.

This murderer and drug dealer, a cousin of Barbara Bush and Bagman of Bush Sr., has lost his senior patron.

When it comes to Japan, it will suddenly and absolutely, say sources of Asian secret society.

The US military, which controls Japan, is about to fire criminal Japanese traders like Armitage, Michael Greenberg and Gerald Curtis.

However, this will only happen after the US has been cleared up, they state.

Meanwhile, the US military is publicly preparing for continued existence, even if the US corporate government goes bankrupt.

They have already convinced Kuwait to co-finance with Saudi Arabia. Now they are working on Japan paying more. / #. XSvY6keRWq5

The final includes a Russian-US military alliance to replace NATO, sources in the Pentagon said.

This united Christian alliance would then negotiate with the Asians over world peace, it is said.

The British sources of the royal family agree and add: Normally things happen very fast when the deal is done, so stick to your hat.

However, as always, we warn our readers against believing it only when you see it.

Trump, for example, has not yet fulfilled his promise to reveal the truth about 9/11.

The world awaits and demands a Nuremberg-style public trial against the high-ranking criminals.

It would be a good start to see people like Hillary and Bill Clinton handcuffed.



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