Yeshua: The Heart Is Focus

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newMy dear friends.

I am Jesus, Sananda, speaking to you in this transforming time.

Some of you go with a sense of dragging steps. As if you were not really able to lift your feet. This is a feeling, an illusion, something that happens because you simply have to slow down the tempo. Give time for reflection and for powerful energies to be able to move in and take place in you. These energies that not only raise your vibration but also heal on both cell and DNA levels.

You are healed in your being. You are healed to become more complete as people so that a clear contact with the heart can be experienced. As many of you know, the heart is in focus in your ascension process. That everyone should dare to live out of their heart without being afraid. Afraid to show their interior. Afraid of being exploited or betrayed. There are many who walk on your planet with hearts that are locked. Many who yearn for love, fellowship, affinity but who dare not open up to the energy of love. There is no plan for someone who says someone should live without love. Many have been tried in the energy of love, as can be tried in many other ways, but remember that this has been trials, nothing to be afraid of for the rest of life.

By daring to be and act from the heart, you help each other in this time of ascension. By being anchored at Mother Earth’s crystal network, a rewarding and taking is done by all of you contributing with your unique love vibration. In this way, each individual gives a vibration that can raise someone else and simultaneously receives a vibration to be raised himself.

Your work helps and calms Mother Earth’s energies and helps her in her ascension process. See how worried she will be when it’s troubled by your people. When mankind ends up in disharmony, she does the same. It is uneasy in many places on your planet and these troubles often manifest themselves with physical unrest in the earth. Earthquakes are such an example. So I and my galactic friends appeal to you who read this message:

Dare let yourself be raised in your energies, dare to be in your heart, dare to live in the love energy of your heart, dare to live in harmony, dare to listen to the voice of your heart. Just make a difference, remember it. You make a difference not only for yourself but for thousands of others, Mother Earth not to forget.

I love you so.

Your friend Jesus, Sananda.


» Source » Channel: Camilla Nilsson