Ashtar: The Time Is Near

ashtar eraoflightdotcomYou have waited so diligently for our meeting, which is now well underway. On our side, everything is prepared for finally meeting you on your beautiful planet, spiritually known as Gaia. You may have wondered why it took so long. Know that the energy must be right for us and you so that our interaction can take place without harming each participant’s energy field.

Now the energy fields are set and the required levels have been reached!

We will neither tell you how the meetings will take place nor do we say when. The reasons for this are obvious: No interference shall be possible since each meeting is tailor-made for the group that meets.

Just know that it will not take place in dream state but in your real and everyday life.

You received some inputs on how to prepare for such a meeting, if you are one of the “early delegation team members.” More meetings will take place on a wider scale and with much more people from Gaia at a later stage.

We want to emphasize that, basically, you do not have to prepare in any way. Know that you are well prepared; otherwise we would not have chosen you.

You don’t need to ask for the meeting. You don’t need to mediate for the meeting.

Do you prepare for a meeting with your friends or loved ones? Your answer will be: “Yes! I put some nice clothes on and make myself ready.”

This is not how it works with us.

We’ll “take you as you are” because for us, again, your outer appearance is unimportant but your field of energy is – and this is now compatible with ours.

In summary, we are prepared and so are you.

And we are on our way to your shore. Feel inside of your heart and KNOW that the time for our meetings is indeed here!

I am your brother, always!

Ashtar and his team.


» Source » Channel: Bright Star