Septune and Parthees of the Ascended Dragon Collective: Replenish

dragons eraoflightdotcomNote: I made contact with Septune some time ago and this is the first full introduction he/she gave me in the channelling format once i asked about he/she in more detail. Greetings. It is your Septune of the Ascended Dragon Collective. My air and waters are pure and clear. As too will your waters be on your beloved mother Gaia.

We work to replenish the light that flows into every being.

I AM a crystal water and air dragon of the 7th dimensional ray of light. You will learn this activation now.

I leave you to your heart-space and know and let it be known we are working with you day and night, cycle after cycle. We are your extended loving family.

Carry our light to those who can see.

Septune through Rixamus

Note: A small meditation i received from Parthees which i have included, he gave it visually with the words ‘almost’ as they appear, I had to clean it for readability. It was fragmented and he asked me to write it in a readable way how he showed it to me.

Greetings. This is Parthees of the Ascended Dragon Collective (Smiling). The work here today is the red spiral of light that envelops your body from above and twists below your feet. It spirals upwards. Breathe in the light in an up and down motion, head to feet, faster and faster until it moves and spins so fast it explodes into an harmonic sphere of red light. This is recorded in (out from) your DNA, activated into your auric field. You then pass on this encodement (to thos who can receive).

Parthees through Rixamus


Received via email.