Yeshua: Pink Rose

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newI am Jesus and I want to give you and all people today, a pink rose of great mercy and love. It symbolizes primordial love, unconditional love, love that is and is in everything and everywhere. It is around you right now, it is in your heart, as well as in the plant, or in the insect that has settled on the plant. Yes, my dear friends on Earth, the unconditional love is everywhere, you can’t escape it, if that’s what you want to find.

The bright energies that like waves roam over Earth today have unconditional love as their essence. If you are sensitive, you can perceive it around you. You can surely perceive it in your High Heart. It is these bright energies that you are supposed to start working with. It is these energies that you should take to your heart and mind. It is these energies that you should allow to control your actions. In order for you to be able to do so, you should integrate them into yourself. It is the light of God that is now to shine upon the earth and it is through this light that you are meant to shape your creations. It is through His leadership that you create a wonderful world of love and joy. It is only love and joy that can come through your Creator, God, or whatever you want to call Him, everything else is false gods created from your own illusions. You are truly created in love and joy and that truth is well hidden within you. It is only in your sincere desire to find this Truth that you will find it. You are then ready to put all the gifts of the world in this place and instead receive God’s holy gifts. Love, trust, harmony, peace and abundance will then be your companion.

You are then taught to become a master of light and your gifts will bless the world. Giving is getting, they are one and the same. What has been given will be given on and on .. and those who give will also get what they have given back. What you have not given you will not get. To get something you need to have given something yourself. For example, it can be a friendly thought, a friendly word, an appreciative comment or a comforting hug. It can be anything you feel in your heart that you want to give or do for yourself or someone else. There will always be situations where you have a chance to follow your heart. The joy is in giving, you do not give to receive, you give unconditionally and with true compassion in your heart. It is the art of giving. You will still get what you give even if it can take some time.

There is a law in the Universe that you know by now. It reads as follows – what you give, you will get. This applies to both your thoughts and your actions. Everything is energy that radiates back and forth between you, your fellow humans, the Earth and the Universe. Everything is so well constructed and so masterfully constructed in the smallest detail, so it can hardly have been done by a human hand or a human thought. There is a Divine thought behind everything you see. A Divine thought with infinite love and wisdom. A small ray of this thought is also within you and it is your True Self. Your Divine Self who will now again step forward and create in wisdom and love through the Creator who created you. It is your goal dear children on Earth and now you may understand why we are constantly inviting you to seek within you.

You get the challenges you need to make you want to re-enter the wonderful, loving realm that you truly belong to. The time has come to grow out of the children’s shoes and take on a mantle of gold and silver. A mantle of equality and brotherhood, love for yourself and the world that you belong to right now.

An unconditional love for everything that lives will spread across the Earth and give it the peace and harmony that everyone so earnestly longs for.

I fill my spirit with unconditional love and slowly lower it over the Earth.

Is eternal brother Jesus Christ.


» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg