Ashtar: The Time of Great Unveiling

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomDear ground crew. You have done an outstanding job. Your hard-working inner work with the will to improve and the certainty of darkness that needs to be cleansed that stems from millennia of enslaving your origin energy are accomplished. Certainly you also have stock in stock within you and this is an ongoing process, but now you stand more firmly in your own light than you ever did. We applaud you and rejoice. If you knew how beautiful you are and what lion hearts you all carry. You have a light that really has the ability to change, transform your energy when you are no longer afraid and can see through the cold-hearted who do everything they can to keep you in their fear-based thought structures.

And these thought structures are so frequent and so permeated, even in your subconscious mind. Breaking away from this can only handle the most courageous and wise and deep within you reverberates the cold you decided before you went down in this incarnation. You were firmly convinced that you would assist in uncovering the illusory and helping to bring forth the true light by not this time trapping or losing in your ego but going deeper within you and thus bringing your light to higher octaves.

We are on the surface inside a dramatic time dear friends. Everyone can see it, but my wish is that you understand that this is an absolute must. The time of great unveiling is here. You ground crew who pave the way now need to stand firm. Almost with his feet a dm buried in the earth to retrieve the energy of Mother Earth as a light tree. Your crown shines and shines and sends the right energy to your surroundings. It is enough that you are just who you are, you do not have to accomplish a series of actions. Your energy is now so strong that it affects your environment with its mere existence. This is good enough, dear friends. Remember that this is good enough.

You feel that there is much that has been uncovered regarding the satanic forces’ terrible crimes against humanity, which is absolutely true. You who read this have all had the courage to SEE this which is great. You go ahead to stand firmly for the rest of the herd. Now the further revelation is in the offing on the planet. We want to say hold the hat. September will be a painful reveal as well as the next big illusion that will collapse at the end of November with the culmination of December. Know that this is good and it is the forces of light that make the troll burst as you usually say.

We are with you and are constantly at your side and we love you,

Ashtar with crew.


» Source » Channel: Beatrice Madsen