Mike Quinsey: World Wide Uprisings

mike quinsey eraoflightdotcomIt seems that there is hardly one Country of late that has not experienced problems within their political set-up, and what you presently see in Hong Kong shows the determination of what are mostly young people who insist that politicians and authorities truly represent them. The days of confining people and muting their expressions desiring free speech will soon be over. The wind of change blows hard and it cannot be ignored for very much longer, and those in power will be forced to take note of what is desired. We certainly do not agree with the use of force on either side, but sometimes it seems unavoidable unless you are prepared to concede your right to free expression.

You are now well into the New Age yet advancements that you expected are held back, and will be ignored until you get a more powerful voice in politics. It will come because it has to as the old ways are no longer applicable in times when the vibrations are rapidly lifting. The old must make way for the new and there is no way the needed changes can be permanently held up. Avoid violence if possible but know that you are entitled to protect yourselves.

Although your soul journey commenced a long, long time ago, we know that some of you sense the experiences you have gone through and there is relief that it is soon to end. Certainly there is much rejoicing that many of you are firmly on the road to Ascension and there will be joyful celebrations when that journey has ended. You cannot yet conceive of how exalted you will be, because you will have achieved a result that was not necessarily expected or taken for granted. You will have become the first souls to have ascended in your physical bodies and that will make history.

You are entering the better times when the vibrations will have been lifted and there will gradually be less and less negativity until it virtually disappears out of sight. You might recall that the prophecies have spoken of the 1000 years of peace, and that will come in the near future. It has been expressed as the time when “negativity shall be shut up” so as to ensure you can enjoy that time period. By then many of you will be living a lot longer than you do now and eventually for several hundred years. This may not surprise you as your history talks of times when people lived a lot longer, indeed you have very old records of your leaders living for many hundreds of years. Understand that the aging process will over a period of time all but stop unlike your present experiences.

The future will become so different to what you are experiencing now, more acceptable and more enjoyable. So do not be stuck in the times you are more used to experiencing, as the old is rapidly being replaced by the new and it is all leading to an even greater experience after Ascension. Realise that it is you who are setting the pace so be positive and think of the times that you are creating by projecting the thought forms ready for manifestation. Naturally you are helped along by those who are especially appointed to respond to the ideas being put upon you, that are intended to introduce new innovations to you to help you progress.

You are actually helped in many ways that you are unaware of, including the services of ET’s who have been with you for millennia of time. Evidence of their involvement with humanity is all around you and only now being recognised for what it has been in recent times. The fact is that without help you could not possibly have advanced so quickly. Never believe that you are left without help but know that there are some situations entirely of your making that you have to deal with yourselves. We hold your hand, we whisper into your ear but we cannot do everything for you otherwise you would not evolve. Furthermore it may prevent you from evolving into a unique soul through your own choosing. We can of course offer guidance but only when you request it, as we might inadvertently cause you to move to a different path to what you would otherwise have chosen.

Life can seem to be quite involved and at times is certainly hard by presenting you with challenges that test you to the limit. You can certainly take it that there are very good reasons for doing so and understand that those Beings who help you progress are fully aware of your life plan, and know exactly what you are capable of achieving. They ensure you do not take on too much at any given time, and are able to give you just the help you need knowing you better than you know yourself.

Humans can at times be quite irrational and stray from their life plan. In such circumstances your Guides will do their best to get you back on track, whilst at the same time taking care not to interfere with your freewill. Most of you will be able to look back upon events in your life where seemingly you were saved from causing karma for yourself by what you would call coincidence, where something unusual happened that saved you from what would otherwise have proved to be a difficult problem. You could almost certainly put that down to the intervention of your Guides who are with you all of the time to keep you to your life plan.

Whenever you move on and decide to take up a new challenge, you can be sure that a Guide will join you accordingly who has the experience to help you be a success. In your spiritual work you may for example decide that you want to undertake healing, and you will need help to point you in the right direction and to the right people. To become a healer you would need a period of training that included the value of using colour or any other method of healing. If that is what you feel prompted to do and it comes over quite strongly, then undoubtedly you would find it was part of your life plan. A similar path would be where you want to learn how to be a Clairvoyant, and again your Guides would do their best to direct you to a spiritual group that does that type of work. So you can see that whatever you think strongly about does get your Guides attention who are only too pleased to be of help, and direct you to someone or a group that could fulfil your ambitions.

You will by now know that nothing of importance in your life happens by chance, so you should always be open to information or offers of help. Without such help you could miss an opportunity to progress and it might be a long time before it comes around again. Normally every soul comes into life with karma to work out, but in this new cycle you have come into life with what you would call a “clean sheet” giving you every opportunity to avoid making new karma. If by chance you did however incur new karma you would have an opportunity to immediately clear it. However, with the ongoing lifting of the vibrations it will become much easier to remain positive and avoid any karma at all.

I leave with love and blessings and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.