George Soros Gives $5.1 Million Check to Democrats Ahead of 2020 Election

truth at the forefront eraoflightdotcomGeorge Soros, the controversial billionaire financier who has been accused of influencing everything from protests, to elections and market crashes, has created a super PAC for the Democratic Party in the lead up to the 2020 election, Politico reported.

Soros kicked off the funding for the PAC with a mind-boggling $5.1 million check. The billionaire has not said which specific candidate is his favorite in this race, but it seems that whoever gets the Democratic nomination will have access to the PAC regardless.

This is nothing new for Soros. During the 2016 election, he spent an estimated $20 million, $9 million of which was donated to Political Action Committees (PACs) supporting Hillary Clinton. And he even also spent more money to help Democrats get into Congress.

Soros appears to be very motivated to get a Democrat into office in 2020, because around this time during the last election cycle he had only spent about half as much, roughly $2.1 million.

Last year, Soros told the Washington Post that he would stay out of the party’s primaries, because he worried that playing favorites could “divide the Democratic Party.

In his interview with the Post, Soros was clear about his disagreements with Trump, calling attention to the trade war with China and his foreign policy in the Middle East. Though it is unlikely that any Democratic candidate supported by Soros would have a foreign policy strategy drastically different from those of Donald Trump or Barack Obama.

Democratic candidates often take the opportunity to score debate points by opposing military overspending and aggressive military policy, but rarely, if ever, follow through on those promises after getting into office.

“He is fighting a trade war, which is liable to cause financial disruptions and possibly a financial crisis, and he is also ready to fight real wars, particularly in the Middle East. He might be willing to attack Iran militarily, which would be a big danger,” Soros said, adding that he would be in favor of impeaching Trump.

“What I said was that if there’s bipartisan support for it, then I would favor impeaching him because he is endangering the United States and the world … even at the cost that this would make Pence the president, who is much more competent in representing the far right,” Soros added.

He went on to say that he was concerned that a Trump presidency could actually threaten civilization.

Soros says that he doesn’t trust the current president to avert a nuclear crisis, adding that there is “a real danger that we are going to destroy ourselves and civilization. And that is the real thing that I’m really afraid of. And with Trump, we’ve come very close to it. Because as a narcissist he is perfectly willing to destroy the world in order to maintain his narcissism, because he wants everything to revolve around him.”

Soros has become somewhat of a scapegoat for right-wing pundits over the years. Last year, President Donald Trump even accused him of “funding” the “migrant caravan,” which was comprised of refugees fleeing violence and poverty in Central America. Many of the claims made against Soros are absurd, but his incredible influence in politics—particularly in the Democratic party—is not to be ignored.


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6 Replies to “George Soros Gives $5.1 Million Check to Democrats Ahead of 2020 Election”

  1. Karina

    ….and I dreamed Soros, Killary and co were allready brought back to source via s short pitstop in GITMO *lol* I don`t wish them anything – just the feelings of their victims for 24 day and the consciousness to realize what they have done! I But at the end of the “day” the most of These perpetrators must be victims by theirselves once, because just a Person who never felt love, compassion, empathy can do those crimes they had done. So don`t get me wrong – but I feel sadness for them,too…….

    with love

    1. Cheri

      Hi again beautiful Karina! Great to hear from you and you are having visions too! Wow! This is where their sickness got out of control as they were all tortured and fragmented from birth through this sick religion of MK Ultra and SRA. It is just horrific as this forces the consciousness to wall itself off and fragment and forces the soul essence to withdraw to just a mere sliver. So in effect they just become controlled puppets of archonic forces and mind control algorithms. Doing the same thing to their children over and over for generations. It is just insanity. Like sad fragmented children with no life force within. None of them seem happy, it is just about power over others as their only source of self esteem. They are totally lost and pride themselves on having no conscious. A pathetic existence that must continuously be fed by more darkness and chaos to sustain a feeling of inner power. All unseen and in the shadows.

      I am just thankful it is all coming to an end so humanity can thrive once again. But this is a really rocky time as old world conflicts rise to heal. All this ancient stuff was absorbed on the earth grids energetically. I just saw India sent troops to Pakinstan today yeek!. My team has spent at least a year clearing cruelty from Kashmir specifically. I have no idea what goes on there because the media purposefully doesn’t cover it but it must be horrific.

      So all we can do is lock these people up (GITMO lol!) until they regain their fragments either in a cozy cell or through the corridor of light. They are funding this entire mess and some people will do anything for money. Feels like a huge final cleansing going on right now. Very very sad to see but we know there is a greater plan at work and hold the vision for the future! It helps me to talk about it with people like you and Michael who are very real, wonderful and loving people. Very balanced and well integrated in truth, love and compassion. I call this the light warrior spirit! We just hold the space for it to heal through the light of our presence. This is the forgiveness we hold within. It all has to resolve energetically before it can manifest here. This is our work holding down the fort so to speak hahahaha!

      Love you both! See you in the ethers my friends! Soon enough we will be on the other side of our awareness in unity consciousness. The other day I got a feeling about Michael right before I got the email of his reply. We are syncing up to the now moment of understanding as our brainwaves finally heal.

      Energetic hugs to you and your daughter beautiful Karina! Two bright lights holding down Austria energetically! 😘

  2. Michael

    Cheri, I have a hard time when it comes to thinking about people like Soros. Do you think that he even has a conscious? A dark soul can do things void of feeling others pain. They are here to cause the most pain and suffering to humanity. I think that when they go they will just be absorbed by God. They chose to be dark from the beginning and thought they could beat the system. Now the light is going to kick ass and show them the door.
    Miss You!

    1. Cheri

      Hi Michael! Love hearing from you really! You are exactly right my friend! I try not to be judgemental but these people are ridiculous! I am with you on the light kicking their ass for sure hahahaha! I am so sick of them not relenting at this point as I know they are well aware of what’s going on (ascension) and keep resisting mightily and continuing to wreak horrible havoc here in the physical. I have contemplated this a ton since this work I do in the astral is involved with cleaning out the hell realms. Just like you said I too feel the creator is indeed reclaiming the souls of these dark ones as we speak because most of them are so criminally insane and fragmented within they can never recover from this.

      There is a huge soul harvest going on in the quantum realms right now seperating the wheat from the chaff literally lol! Almost all their creational timelines have been collapsed (denied). They are being culled into physical prision here on earth and quantumly quarantined. For the ones left here in the physical there is a light review after death which will be the moment of truth for each of these incarnated souls to come to full realization (consciousness) before entering the corridor of light. Now that the matrix is almost repaired there is nowhere to hide anymore after death. All here and in the quantum realms must face a reckoning before transitioning.

      This is the only true justice I see is them knowing and feeling the full weight of the horror they have wrought upon humanity before returning to the cosmic pleroma or stardust for total reformation. We of love and light will carry on with great wisdom of what can happen when negativity runs amok and never let this happen again. Living in a universe of free will and being our divinity and goodness in action. So precious are these attributes never to be underappreciated again!

      I heard the creator say recently “Michael warned you about competition!”

      Really love sharing with you Michael! Your energy is so nice and easy to engage with (very angelic like your namesake lol!). Very high vibrational! Extremely uplifting! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me! Miss you too my friend! 😘

      1. Michael

        Isn’t it interesting how we connect so easily and are comfortable sharing with like minded souls. I’m not much of a writer and it takes me a while to type { hunting & pecking } but I do know energy and your comments always make me feel positive and put a smile on my face. Thanks again and I’m sure we will be chatting in the ethers.

  3. Cheri

    Soros is a one man terror organization. He disgusts me! Total Illuminati deranged puppet. He needs to get a conscious and feel the depths of suffering he continues to inflict upon the people funding worldwide chaos and crimes against humanity. I can only hope he his assets get frozen under the human trafficking executive order put into place last year. Once the Narcissist ego program ends on the grids (very soon) he will know and feel the depth of his own depravity and the soul crushing suffering he has wrought upon the women and children of earth.

    This is the truth of the situation as all souls come back into balance. I can’t even imagine the depths of what that knowing will feel like for these fragmented criminals who will have to find their way back to the love they once were.