Judas Iskariot: Seek Truth

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I wish you all could see Beyond this world, to the world of happiness and love that you are on your way to. It is a world of beauty, it is a world of harmony and love, a happiness so strong that you have long ago forgotten it. A small feeling of this happiness would change throughout your day. Tears would roll down your cheeks, for this intense feeling of happiness before the remembrance of another world can become too strong in this first moment. It is a sacred moment, let it settle down in your heart and let it rest there. Let it rest where it belongs, with your Father whose light always accompanies you wherever you go. Let it take more space in your mind and see the world through the light that your Father sees it. He sees it through the light of love. Can you sense it? It will then become a turning point in your life. You can slowly begin to understand your own power to choose which world you want to see.

The world you choose to see is the world that will come to your notice and that is when the winds of great change can blow in your direction. It is when you see the world in a completely different way than you did before and that is when your actions become according to your newfound insight and the love with which you now meet the world. Understand that it is with love that you change your world. It is when you allow love to grow and let it take over your perception, that you make a great difference to the world and your fellow human beings.

Seek the truth dear children on Earth. Seek the truth within yourself. Be strong in your faith in the wisdom and love that lives within you. Verily, verily, I say unto you, that where forgiveness comes, where truth cometh forth. What is meant by this truth? Well, the truth is well preserved within yourself. It is wise and it speaks clear language, it radiates harmony and love. It is everything you have ever been and always has been. It is life in the physical as well as in the psychic. It has the answer to all your questions and it leads you home to your True Self. It is all you can ask for, so seek it because it is constantly searching for you.

Be still dear children on Earth, it is only in the stillness that it can be heard. In the alarm and the noise that goes around it is difficult to hear. It needs all your focus to be able to show you the truth you are looking for. You may get bits of the truth a little now and then, but in the end the door must be opened completely so that you can see clearly and understand the extent of the great truth that is hidden within you by God the Father Himself. His only intention is to bring you home again, so that you can see and understand what world you belong in. The light of love will again shine through your eyes and hearts. The light of love will again shine upon the world. A new world will open before your eyes and your happiness will be perfect. A happiness whose strength can be difficult to feel here, for only a streak of it can fulfill your entire body in the world in which you are now.

It is intended that you open your heart and mind to the light of love and let it radiate out into the world. That’s for the purpose you chose to be born again on Earth. You chose to see the truth and let its light shine on your world in that you yourself and the Earth would ascend into the higher worlds of light and become one with your Creator and the created.

Be careful with yourselves now, dear Earthlings. Give yourself as much love as you can only. Feel that you are loved and cherished and that you have the support you need to find this love and this great truth that is within yourself.

In great love



» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg