Monthly Forecasts; Message for August 2019

astrology eraoflightdotcomIn the intense heat of the summer months, when the air feels heavy and it’s hard to breathe, there’s a sense of stagnation; the flowers wilt, we wilt and even the buildings seem to sag in the heat. When those storms come, the skies darken, the wind gathers force and when the heavens finally open, the rain seems to rejuvenate and restore the balance once again. This is also a cycle we find ourselves in at the moment as there is a heavy and cumbersome feel to life, as though we are hovering in those moments just before a storm comes along. And yet, there are no storm clouds, no wind and definitely no sign of rain. It’s akin to being in-between time, not really here or there, just somewhere in the middle, and sadly ‘somewhere in the middle’ is without definition or shape.

It’s so refreshing to be caught in a summer downpour, and to feel the air freshening up with every drop of falling rain. Yet, the sticky heat seems to be evaporating the rain before it hits the earth, leaving us craving for a storm to come to clear the air.

As a result, life feels quite chaotic and uncertain, and many of us feel as though we are on the verge of something new, only for nothing to happen. It’s both perplexing and frustrating, as it’s hard to know how to act or how to be, as everything is up in the air. The more we sense this cycle, the more frustrated we can become, and even though we know that this frustration won’t actually change anything, we’re only human!

August looks set to be a month of shift as we begin to find new ways to replenish and renew without needing storms to clear the air. It’s as though we are discovering the path to renewal does not only come from endings, but it can come from just about anywhere. It’s all too easy to sit, watch and wait for the storm clouds to gather overhead giving us the heads up that change is coming, but this means we miss an opportunity to explore and discover new ways to thrive in the here and now.

Energetically life has been chaotic yet stagnant, sticky yet fluid, and confusing yet cleansing. It’s as though the paradoxes of impossibility are becoming more possible as we each begin to go more deeply within to seek out a simpler way of living and being. Of course, no two souls will find exactly the same path to wholeness as we are each unique, yet there are similarities and these are acting as beacons now, bringing together like-minded souls, encouraging unity and togetherness, as well as community and friendship. It’s time to reach out, to join and to flourish.

These are, without doubt, confusing times, from politics and the environment, to the depths of our own souls, there is great shift occurring. Whilst we may not see those storm clouds, we seem to be on the verge of an esoteric and existential downpour which will shift us into dimensions we never dreamed possible. We may be feeling like we’re about the explode and burst, but when the time is right, there is a sense that everything will slip into place with grace and gentleness.

Of course it’s hard sometimes, when we stand in a room with a sea of others souls and feel lonelier and more isolated than ever, as though we stand alone and no one speaks the same language, but when we move beyond language, we discover new layers of interconnection which are non-linear and often beyond description, like the spark we sometimes feel when we meet someone new. There are no words and sometimes no obvious commonality, but just a sense of kin. This is what we are seeking now, no words, just unity and an opportunity to dance freely in the rain…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,


As your awakening continues deep within, there is a that sense you are beginning to find a stronger, and more enriching, sense of self. For a long time now, you have had a sense of the bigger picture, an inkling of there being so much more to your life than meets the eye. You are a wise and intuitive soul, and the more you have enthusiastically opened up to your heart and soul, the more wholeheartedly alive you have felt. It may sound obvious that being wholehearted means opening up your heart, but it’s often one of those ‘buzz phrases’ that people talk about, but never really embrace. However, you have taken this buzz phrase a step further and taken it on board to actually live a wholehearted and conscious life. Energetically there’s a sense that you are at the starting blocks, engine revving, ready to zoom ahead. Yet the starting pistol has been fired and you’re still on the blocks, focusing on revving your engine as loudly as possible.

It’s as though you have become so focused on being ready for ‘when the time comes’ that you have failed to notice that the time has come. It’s easily done, after all, life is full of distractions and diversions, but this is your moment to step from where you are to where you want to be. Of course, nothing in life is straightforward, or black or white, but unless you take those first steps, the journey from here to there can never begin. This may also sound obvious, but it’s so easy to become lost in the moment and lose sight of the bigger picture. Your passion, enthusiasm, drive and wisdom all look set to serve you well as you take a big, deep breath of life, and finally leave that starting block behind as you burst forth with more sparkle and drive than ever before…


As you continue to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the balance of give and take in your life, you have made some important realisations. Firstly, even though you know that some over-take when you over-give, it’s not that easy to say no. Secondly, although you’ve become more aware of the forces in your life that nourish and those that don’t, it’s not that straightforward to untangle yourself and break free (well, this is what you’ve been telling yourself anyway!). Of course life is complex, and we can’t always have what we want, but when someone repeatedly oversteps the mark or depletes you, then surely you need to at least explore ways to address this imbalance? It’s not about being forceful, and it’s not a popularity contest, this is about you honouring your own needs and not always putting others first.

Yes, life sometimes means that you have to put up with the chaff and this can get in the way of you reaching the wheat, but you’ve reached a time of your life when it’s important to realise the wheat that nourishes you isn’t in some utopian wonderland, it’s within your reach here and now. It’s easy to gaze ahead at the life that ‘could be’, but this can come at the cost of turning the ‘could be’ into ‘the here and now’. In other words, it really is time to start thinking about your own needs much, much more. This isn’t an act of selfishness, it’s a necessary step on the path to wholeness. After all, how can you keep giving so much to others when the cost is depleting you? In short, if you carry on as you are, you will have nothing left to give others or yourself. So, take some time to re-centre and turn the tenderness, compassion and love within…


As you continue to navigate your way along your path in life, there is a sense that you are beginning to see the many different iridescent layers of your soul. It’s as though, with each passing day, you are slowly unwrapping layer upon layer within, gradually unearthing your true masterpiece: your soul. You have spent a great deal of your life looking at the many different reasons as to why you are the way you are. You have gazed long and hard in the mirror and observed the role others have played in your life; you can see how they have shaped and defined the paths you have walked, but, at the same time, you have also started the courageous process of acknowledging your own role in all of this.

It’s rarely easy gazing so deeply within, but you seem to do this naturally in the course of your life; to you it’s no different than doing the shopping or changing the bed linen. This can seem perplexing to some and annoying to others, but it’s just the way you are. Yet, there is a chance that you sometimes spend more time thinking about why the way things are, are the way they are, rather than rolling up your sleeves and getting on with the business of living. It’s not that you don’t want to be living life to the full, it’s more that you have such a deep need to understand and make sense first. This can sometimes leave you sitting on the side lines waiting for this wisdom to come before taking a leap forward. This can sometimes make for a long wait! Life is usually complex, even if you untangle it, it reveals more complexity. So, instead of digging, why not start celebrating your iridescent, magnificent and sensational self…


As you continue to contemplate what you truly want in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to push the boundaries of your consciousness in order to step towards pastures new. You have always been one to work hard and do your best, but this has often been at the cost of allowing your true creative, innovative and compassionate essence to flow freely. In short, you have focused on keeping on keeping on rather than on being free and being you. Of course, you will read this and likely think that ‘back in the real world’ being free is a flight of frivolous fancy, but intuitively you know this not to be the case. Being free isn’t being careless or being selfish, it’s simply allowing your soul the freedom it needs to thrive.

Keeping on keeping on allows you to get things done, but when this is at the cost of you feeling the warmth rising up from deep within your heart and soul, then you know that you are not living the life you intuitively know you were born to live. So, whilst it may not be possible to up anchor and live carefree, it is inherently possible to live in a more connected way with your essence; to let your soul dance freely in the mêlée of life. After all, your essence is your guiding light and it’s the force that has the power to inspire you to reach towards your dreams. It’s not always easy turning your focus within as you spend so much of your life reaching out to others and offering them a helping hand. However, the time has come to realise your own true worth and to start honouring yourself much, much more. Let your soul dance freely and step back out into the shimmering sunlight once again…


As the anticipation continues to tingle and ripple through your heart and soul, there is a sense you are finally gaining a clearer sense of what’s next. You’ve been in-between here and there for a long time now, ready for something new, but not quite ready to take that first step. In some ways you’ve been chomping at the bit to race ahead towards pastures new, but intuitively you have sensed the need to be still, waiting for the right moment. Of course, waiting for the right moment is often a good idea, but it’s not always easy to recognise the right moment until it’s been and gone. This isn’t to say that you’ve missed your moment, as you haven’t, but there is a sense of a need for you to stop using your head quite so much and start using your intuition instead. So rather than thinking your way forward, feel it. Sense the currents and undercurrents of life and use your phenomenal intuition to lead the way. You are already a skilled surfer of these currents, so take a deep breath and feel the energies rising up within you.

Life is often a random and hotchpotch collection of seemingly incongruent moments and you can sometimes find yourself lost amongst these moments wondering what on earth it’s all about. As a result, you can have days where nothing makes sense and you can’t work out how to step beyond the inertia of everyday life. However, when you step back and ride the currents, your perspective shifts enabling you to navigate the moments with more calm and poise than ever before. It’s time now for you to realise just how strong, passionate and courageous you truly are; love yourself and your gifts, don’t push them away. August looks set to be your time to realise that your moment is now…


As you continue to re-evaluate your life from the inside, out, it seems you are beginning to think about the paths you have walked in life, as well as the paths you still hope to walk. You are a very deep thinker and, as a result, you can lose yourself thinking about where you have been and where you are going, as well as the odd fleeting moment thinking about where you are now. Your awareness shifts back and forth across linear time as you constantly evaluate and re-evaluate every choice and every non-choice you’ve made. Of course, non-choices are still choices, but they are more passive as you’ve made a choice not to choose. However, they can be just as profound and important as those conscious choices as many of the pathways you’ve found yourself walking in life are as a result of not making a choice. It’s not that you’re indecisive, it’s more a desire to make the right choice and this can take time.

As a result, you can find yourself walking a path by default because you haven’t made a choice. Yet, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as you’ve discovered so much following such routes and you’ve learned a great deal about yourself in the process. The potential issue could come from feeling disempowered or rudderless as you may not feel as though you have steered the ship of your life in this particular direction. In some ways this is true, but it is also true that you have steered the ship as a non-choice is still a choice. In a roundabout way, this is all trying to tell you that making clearly defined decisions isn’t always essential. Sometimes it’s good to let nature take its course. Don’t force choices, let them flow and let life weave it’s magical web…


As you gaze at the bigger picture of your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to see just how much you have grown, evolved and flourished over the years; when you look back from where you were to where you are now, you have come such a long way. It may not feel like it at times, but intuitively you know you are just not the same person you were last month, let alone a decade ago. Yet, it’s easy to feel lost in the hustle and bustle of life, and to feel overcome by the plethora of things to do, people to see, places to go and goals to achieve. You work so hard to keep on keeping on, but when you pause – even briefly – you can see beyond the distraction and hustle, towards something much brighter and more heart-warming: towards that warm, fuzzy feeling within that confirms you are waking up from deep within the core of your being.

You are no longer running on auto-pilot and you seem more ‘awake’ than ever before; it’s as though you have stepped into a new chapter of your life and it’s exciting, invigorating and full of promise. There is a sense of passion and energy surging up within you as you begin to think about what you truly want in your life. For a long time now you have tried to be the person you felt you ought to be, but you seem ready to be the person you truly are. It isn’t always easy to shake off the old as it’s familiar (and those around you are used to it), however this is no reason not to embrace the new. You are innovative and wise, so use these skills to find a new way of living that’s more in tune to your soul…


Why do you do the things you do? Why do you say the things you say? What shapes and defines the choices you make and the paths you walk? Working out what nourishes you and what depletes you has been a central theme in your life over recent weeks and months. Trying to understand why it’s so hard to let go of some of the things/people that deplete you has been a source of puzzlement for you as you can’t quite work out why you do what you do. You have dug deep and tried so hard to get to the bottom of your inner workings, but to no avail. It’s as though, the more you look, the less you see. In many ways this is true as your depths are vast, so it’s easy to get lost and lose your sense of self. This may sound odd, after all, how can you lose your sense of self if you are looking within your self, but you are far from a straightforward human being!

Intuitively you know your consciousness is far-reaching, and you can sense your physical form represents only the teeniest fraction of your whole self. Yet, it’s hard to feel truly at peace with this as your inquisitive nature wants to make sense of it all. This inner tousle can be hard to process at times, and there are days when it feels like a tsunami is raging within your heart and soul, and yet, there are other days when you feel more at peace with the ebb and flow of the complexities of being you, and these are the days you need to cultivate and cherish now. You are driven by your head, your passion and your intuition; celebrate them all and let you be you…


You would be forgiven for feeling as though your life has been on fast forward lately as you have barely had a moment to catch your breath, let alone to contemplate the meaning of life! You have been busy with things to do, people to see, places to go and ‘to do lists’ to create. Whilst you thrive with busy-ness and pressure, even you have found the recent onslaught of ‘stuff’ quite challenging. It’s not that you’re weary of the challenges, far from it in fact, you’re actually more weary with the continued fast pace of your day-to-day world as you long for some quiet moments to ponder your life and your journey from here on in. August looks set to be a month of changing tides for you as you begin to find more moments of tranquillity amongst the mêlée and throng of life. You’ve made an important realisation lately that balance is the key to happiness; it’s not about the things you do or do not do, it’s the quality of those experiences that matter the most.

You seem to be on a quest for more enrichment and meaning in your life now, and whilst it can be challenging to step beyond the day to day hustle and bustle, you are quickly able to see the bigger picture as this is always a background constant for you; you never let it out of sight. Of course, it’s wise to take the odd moment to ensure that the bigger picture is still representative of your hopes and dreams as you are constantly evolving and re-defining yourself. You are a vibrant and compassionate soul, and as the pace of your life shifts from fast-forward to something more soft and mellow, try to take the time to take a deep breath of life as life breathes deeply into you…


As you continue to contemplate the pathways you wholeheartedly want to explore in your life, August looks set to be a month for regaining the central ground when it comes to creating more time for yourself. Although, on the whole, you are quite a balanced soul, there is a sense that you have split yourself into a multitude of different directions recently in order to continue trying to be everything to everyone. It’s quite unlike you to be so scattered, but you have pushed so hard to keep going and this has left you in a bit of a spin. Whilst you know that trying to please all of the people all of the time doesn’t work in the long-term, it doesn’t stop you from trying all the same as you like to keep the peace as much as possible. Yet, the cost of this peace-keeping is a deep sense of discombobulation within your heart and soul as you struggle to find your own space.

Of course you want to get life ‘right’ and you want to be the best that you can be, but when this comes at the cost of allowing your own essence the room to freely manoeuvre, then you intuitively know that something is amiss. It’s not easy stepping back and acknowledging the changes you need to make, yet unless you at least start this process, then the feelings of discombobulation are likely to grow and intensify. It’s easy to lose touch of your sense of self, particularly when you give so much of yourself to others, so take some time this month to re-connect to your heart and soul in order to allow a new sense of balance to emerge as you take some bold steps towards living the life you were born to live…


You are an intuitive and creative soul, and these traits have long defined your sense of self as they have shaped the path of your life. You see the world from a plethora of different perspectives in any one given moment: you can hear a multitude of thoughts in a single second and your visions often take you above and beyond the leading crest of the waves of life. Of course, there are times for everything, as life is a continuous roller coaster of change, yet, you seem able to pause time and pinpoint exact moments or fragments of existence in order to gain a deeper understanding as to why things are the way they are. As a result, there are moments when time slows down, and there are also moments when it whizzes by. It’s quite rare for you to find yourself in-between the two, but this is where you’ve found yourself lately and it feels quite unfamiliar.

Yet, the moments where time is neither racing nor going slow are really just representative of normal time! In short, this shows that you have been out of kilter for some time now, living wholeheartedly, but not quite living in each and every moment. It’s as though you’ve become so caught up in the vastness of your consciousness, you’ve lost sight of the fact that it’s all a part of you. ‘Normal’ may feel ordinary, but it’s in these everyday moments where you are able to take stock of your life and it’s often where the magic happens! It’s understandable seeking out the magic and sparkle, but magic happens everywhere, in every corner of your life. It’s time now for you to let the magic flow freely in those nooks and crannies as you use your phenomenal gifts to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out…


August looks set to be a month to lighten the load as you begin to shake off some of the layers of challenge that have been finding their way into your life recently. It’s as though the more challenges you’ve overcome, the more that have come along; there have been moments when you’ve felt overwhelmed by the sheer weight of the different obstacles you’ve faced. Yet, you have faced them with courage and warmth, passion and wisdom. It’s easy to feel beleaguered, but harder to acknowledge your strength and your ability to rise above even the toughest days. Of course, you would like to reach a chapter of your life where the challenges fall away, but there is a sense you would struggle with this as it’s within the challenges where your true growth resides. This isn’t to say that you should invite more challenge into your life, it’s just an observation that challenges will always come and go, so by acknowledging the gift they can ultimately bring you, you are shifting the emphasis away from the struggle and towards the bigger picture.

The free spirit within you is eager now to break free from the boundaries of your everyday life as you seem ready for some space and room to manoeuvre; this is important as you are not great at honouring yourself and showing self-compassion. You give these out in abundance, but can struggle to turn the flow around. This is your moment to finally acknowledge just how much you matter; there’s no ego here, just a willingness to accept your gifts and your beauty (on the inside and out). Grace looks set to weave her way into your life over the weeks ahead as you take some time to be creative and remember to breathe deeply to re-invigorate every atom in your soul with love, passion and energy…


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