Riding the Wave; Navigating August Energies

new earth eraoflightdotcomAs we begin August we benefit from energies of the Leo new moon and mercury going direct. If you’ve felt rattled by communications snafus, digital issues, or car problems, these themes may begin fading into the background as we enter the next energetic phase. Continue reading to understand how to navigate what’s coming next.

New Starts

We’re still sitting in powerful new moon energies – catalyzing inner desire for life changes. Most likely you are passionate about a change or new start. That passion is an essential seed to create the change you seek.

Throughout the month, we are contending with up-and-down energies. Some involve revolutionary Uranus which can stir abrupt changes in our lives. All of a sudden, for example, we may have several unforeseen things show up, all needing immediate attention.

Given this, it’s more important than ever this month to be an active conscious participant in creating the changes you want manifested. It’s not enough to want a change, visualizing it and praying about it. You must engage your heart and full being to create what you want. Key qualities to apply: patience, agility, courage, persistence, determination, and actions involving divine orchestration and timing. That last point helps you avoid premature action and unnecessary steps.

Relationships are front-and-center, serving as a tool for self-transformation. Remember that each and every relationship is a jewel, teaching you about yourself and life. There are no random relationships. Similarly, there is no random happenstance. Whatever unfolds between you and another is purposeful – showing you something. It’s not always easy, of course, to discern meanings – especially when they involve you personally. That’s why it’s often helpful to have guidance from a trusted counselor or friend who isn’t enmeshed in the situation.

Energy Highlights

Themes of August include a continued escalation in time and the pace of planetary changes. Some people will experience what I call time warps, during which they lose track of time or are unable to fully address all issues arising on a single day. If this happens to you, relax. It’s part of living now. Do your best to be fully present to what shows up so you can respond appropriately.

Aquarius Full Moon – August 15

The August full moon will be a powerful energy gateway, helping to illuminate your path forward and connecting you with valuable inner insights needed to take the next steps.The seeds you are planting now for new starts will have a nice boost at the full moon.

Virgo New Moon – August 30

This month’s new moon in Virgo could be just the catalyst you need to make changes or a big leap forward in areas involving health, work, and being of service in the world. Stay grounded and present to receive intuitive nudges about next steps and slight changes in your approach that could make all the difference in your success. Be open to random thoughts while driving or in the shower – after having contemplated a dilemma. Consider all options your inner guidance shows you – even if at first one of them seems like one you have already tried, or one appears unworkable. Openness is the key.

Trust that by being open and willing to take the next appropriate step – one step at a time – you have an unbounded potential to manifest your soul’s purpose and create your best life.


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