Master of the Crystal Kingdom: Portals to 5D Are Open

the crystal kingdom eraoflightdotcomLetting go of 3D is a liberation, but before you can do that, at least some of you need to get some peace in what has been. By getting peace in the old, you slip more easily into the new. The old times have not been easy and easy to be a part of. It has not been easy for any man who has lived here to be in the absence of the loving parts of his total self. Everyone’s energies in the consciousness have been distorted by darkness, as is Gaia’s consciousness as she is also a soul.

All the people on earth, you yourself and those you have with you here on earth, have lived in parts of yourselves that have been scared, which has resulted in not even you Light Creatures always being fully loving. Maybe you have not been openly wicked or stupid but because of energy limitations you have not been able to show your love from the heart openly and when you have been scared and filled with a sense of anger you have set up walls against those you are angry with so that they should not be allowed to share your love.

You have been limited by the dark clouds of energy that have been placed in your being when you wanted to experience this to gain perspective on the light in your soul. All the fear on earth and within yourself has been a perfectly natural part of 3D and it has made you not at all easy to live here and to take part in each other in a meaningful and loving way.

With this message we wish to dramatize what has been in 3D. Not because we in any way want to detract from your gigantic stake in this “game” that has helped us all in the Universe to reach higher heights in ourselves, but so that you can now have peace in what has been, let go and move on to the next solid of Universal development.

The old world has not been fair and it has created disorder among you who have chosen to experience it. You have not been easy with your families and friends and they have not been easy with you. Living in the three-dimensional parts of yourself has meant planned imbalances in your energies which have made you blocked and cut off from love.

It has been devastating not to have the light with you here on earth but in truth you have never had it difficult for real. In your soul the light has never failed. In your soul all parts have always been intact and your soul has never been in any other real world than that of love.

Your consciousness on earth has been part of your soul. It has been a tool for your soul to experience the opposite of light and love. The experience of darkness has helped your soul gain a whole new perspective on yourself, much like when you suddenly experience your own life as amazing when you look at the news how young children and adults suffer from distress, drought and nasty violence on the other side of the globe while you yourself sit at home on the TV couch with a cup of coffee and enjoying the tranquility.

Powerful cloud sections have entered your life where you have at least experienced it in ancient times and in truth it has not been intended to create anything other than non-loving experiences for you. The old patterns and the old adventures were not intended to harm you, but had the meaning that you should grow in your soul and see the light that is there from a new perspective. The old energies of the old world exist for no other reason than the one we just said.

No man is here by mistake. All souls themselves have chosen to come here and experience the darkness that they knew prevailed here. It is all about staying in a consciousness where the energies are lowered so that the experiences become different in the soul.

It is in your consciousness that the doors back to where you came from are. It is in your consciousness that you bring yourself back to the light, to the new world and new time that you are on when your mission in the dark is completed. The physical world is a reflection of your consciousness, which is why it will easily and easily change to a content of light and love as you quietly shift to a higher consciousness.

Thus, life on earth has never been in any crisis for real. The sea, the earth, the earth and everything that has always been on the plane that you had in the low vibrating world. To move on, you now have to let go of all fear and you do that when you understand that you have never been in danger for real. Your most complicated relationships have not really been complicated, but you have all chosen to experience them in order to gain a perspective on the sweet, amazing and self-evident love that exists between your souls for real.

To return to the light means that the dark clouds in your existence leave you. You will look at life with new eyes and your emotions will change frequency to more love. And with more love in your energy on earth, conflicts will not exist, you will automatically experience that you have everything you need and you will have no need to protect yourself from anything or anyone anymore.

I would like to conclude by giving you all a huge applause for the outstanding effort you have made for us in the energy worlds that have been able to share your experiences without going down into a physical body on earth. We look forward to coming home to the new world that awaits you where you will all be able to experience us more clearly without leaving your physical body. You will be able to receive the unconditional love that is so natural to us and to you even if you forgot it right now.

Take more our reflections on what has been or find your own way to peace in what has been. You have never been on the wrong track, you have never been lost and you have always known that you will come home to the light again.



» Source » Channel: Carina