The Sirian Feline Race: Lion Gatekeepers

feline race eraoflightdotcomWe are the gatekeepers of the Lion’s Gate Portal through which emissaries of light may pass. We are the Sirian Feline Race, royal blood and priesthood lineage for the light of all things. We serve in oneness throughout all time-space, dedicated in service to the light. The portal is open, human children of form. We see you deeply, for we have been watching and serving your kind for eons as masters of the light portals of the hidden ways. For your realm was too immersed in the darkness to understand, to accept the light, but no longer. Look, a new page of the book of life is turned. Do you see? All is not as it seems. You must look with the inner sight of the inner knowing. You may wish to work with us as these energies caress and bombard, as they pummel and up-stir and create the great changeover from uncertainty to certainty, from darkness into light. For the light is all there is. The illusion shattered.

We are the gatekeepers of the lions gate. None shall pass but those who are worthy, who hold the Christed light-codes of one who who has seen their inner darkness and chosen the light. For the light is all there is. Cosmos, universes spin, all that you see is the illusion – is shattered.

We are the keepers of the gate. We are mighty, ancient, strong! None shall pass who are unworthy! Only the celestial beings of the Christed light whose vibratory encodements match in resonance shall be able to connect. That being said, we welcome your connection with us. For we know you and we have worked together with you for eons with and without your knowing, for your inner knowing was shrouded in the void of the matrix. No longer do this we see as viable, for you are awake and aware travelers and warriors of the light! Great, cosmic, tremendous change is coming – advancing – and you, dimension walkers, are straddling timelines with grace and ease.


“We welcome the vibratory enhancements of the Lion’s Gate Portal to further our connection with the Source within and to advance us further towards our own inner journey to the light.

We invite our soul groups to work with us most closely during this time of divine merging as all becomes yet more light.”

The light of your star we see. Sirius is your sister star. We are your family of light. We welcome you home to the higher dimensional walkways of light. Welcome home! Meet with us in your sleep / dream state for we see you are ready for this reunion of inner and outer light. We welcome your connection with us, ascending humanity, angels in form. For you are bringing the light with you to Gaia in new and exciting ways. We welcome your connection. We are the gatekeepers. (Roaring)


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl