Developing More Compassion; Tips for Fast-Changing Times

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomIn unusual and fast-changing times like these, it’s essential to develop more compassion for yourself and others. While this may appear obvious, it’s sometimes challenging to put into practice when your world feels turned upside down and you momentarily forget that we’re all in this together. We need to remember that everyone hurts the same when challenged, and on most days we encounter plenty of people struggling with issues our parents and grandparents didn’t have. Continue reading for a larger perspective.


As a reminder, we are alive now to participate in the most daring and difficult societal transformation humanity has ever undertaken. Our society is in a massive rebirth and it’s messy. There are no simple or quick solutions, but the momentum of revolutionary change is accelerating at lightning speed. If you are a sensitive you can feel this in your bones.

On a very deep level at the core of your being, you know that you are here on purpose. Despite this, on many days you likely become disheartened or are hard on yourself, feeling like you need to be doing more and seeing more results. Self-judgment blocks openness and reduces your self-compassion. It then can be more difficult to feel compassion for others – including loved ones, colleagues, and others also alive now to evolve.

In these days of narcissism and polarity, there can be a tendency to lack compassion for others. One way this shows up is in relationships, one or both people impatient with the other and temporarily forgetting to seek a higher view of circumstances. Tempers rising to the surface can cause people to say things they later regret.
Use Full Moon for Breakthroughs

This week’s full moon will amplify what people are feeling. Keep this in mind when you interact with others and monitor your self-talk to know when you need what I call an “attitude adjustment.” If you are berating yourself with negative self-talk, your natural creativity and zest for life are compromised. Staying present and positive this week will help you benefit from new insights and issues illuminated for a higher understanding. This indeed could be a breakthrough week for a project, relationship, or life goal.
Compassion vs Fixing

We as human beings like to fix what’s wrong. In can be overwhelming in these moments to see and experience so many things that need to be remedied. Some are personal, some involve relationships, and many others involve the collective and how we live on this small planet.

Consider this. To fix implies that something is wrong. When we make the thing wrong, we have applied judgment vs compassion. This reduces our frequency, amplifies negative emotions, and prevents us from accessing a holistic view. That larger view helps us to understand why something exists and how it can be transformed.

There is nothing in this world that cannot be transformed. That’s because at the core of all beings and all things is love. To access compassion, we must come from love.

When someone you care about has a problem, step back from the need to fix. When you are with him or her, listen with openness and without judgment. Honor where they are. Apply the same guideline to yourself. Trust that each situation that arises has a purpose. When you do that, it’s easier to be neutral and hold the space for understanding. Out of that space can come miracles – seemingly sudden insights, solutions when none seemed to exist before, and most importantly letting go of the “fight” with what is causing pain.

As you connect with more compassion for self and others, your path becomes increasingly joyful and peaceful. You can then apply this more elevated state to your work and service in the world.


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