A Loving Awareness

gift of giving eraoflightdotcomWe are all part of an extraordinary adventure of ever-expanding and loving potential. Here on our beautiful earth, we are granted a wondrous opportunity to experience this in amazingly tangible and sensory ways through our self-aware presence within it. Infused and surrounded by the very building blocks of life, we participate and create to our heart’s desire through our thoughts and feelings. This is our point of conscious interaction with all of the cooperative components of life that stand ready to respond to our direction. Life is forever reflecting our inner awareness, intention and perception of reality.

Our personal journey unfolds within a vast collective and yet, we are always the center of our individual experience. Wherever we place our attention and whatever we give our focus to, becomes a part of our reality in some way. This allows us to perceive and choose from our own vantage point of awareness and decide what dreams we wish to manifest in our reality. We may interact and react to our encounters and experiences, however we always have the innate ability to shift our perspective and invoke a new direction for ourselves.

Naturally, each of us has a unique gathering of components that influence our viewpoint and often become accepted and included ideas and beliefs we hold about life. Our physiology, family and community, along with environmental and geographic aspects, generational and cultural influences, for example, all play a part on our evolving path. They may either enhance or diminish our experience depending on how we allow them to affect our perception of ourselves. Our intrinsic capacity to discern what is most appropriate for us personally is our true point of power.

Knowing we possess the creative elements of imagination and willpower through our feelings and thoughts, ensures we have choice in each moment. Realizing that love is the universal energy that permeates our existence and is shared by all, provides the means to express our dreams. This love is unconditional in its presence within us and, when rightly understood, it is the key to our purest potential – both individually and collectively.

Regardless of the influences and momentums of the past that become the circumstances manifesting around us right now, we can consciously choose to infuse a loving awareness into this moment. Every time we do, we align with our highest and greatest good and transform what was into what can be. We are the ones who empower the very best in ourselves and each other and it is simply a choice of love.

Love and hugs,


Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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