The 9D Arcturian Council: Achieving Goals

the arcturians eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have noticed the tendency on the part of humanity to set your sights on a particular goal that you have for yourselves and then to work very hard to achieve that goal. And all of this assumes that you will be happier, more fulfilled, more abundant, or something like that, after you have achieved your goal. The assumption is, of course, not always accurate. Sometimes you will achieve a goal and you will have more abundance, and then it will be time to set another goal, because you will want that feeling again.

You will want the feeling of satisfaction. You will want the feeling of accomplishment. You will create your sense of self-worth based upon whether you are able to achieve the next level of success by your own definition. Less of you than we would like to see are living your lives according to the joy that you feel in the moment. Very few are starting from a place of joy, or satisfaction. Instead, you are seeking it, as though it is contained in something outside of you.

You will always be the experiencer of that joy, that fulfillment, and even that abundance. You can have a billion dollars and look at someone who has twenty-five billion and feel poor by comparison, or a child can have one dollar and think that he or she is rich. It is truly all relative and all created by definition. Reality is what you make of it. Reality is how you choose to experience it in the moment, and so, if you are looking to the achievement to give you what you want, we recommend getting what you want first, and then deciding what it is you want to do from that place.

Get into that state of happiness, love, freedom, or abundance, and then see what you feel inspired to do, and we guarantee you that it will be more satisfying because you are doing it from a place of not needing to do it. We want to see more of you seeking out those vibrations by going within you and letting go of your attachments to someone else’s definition of success or abundance.

Even a person who has one relationship after another, or one marriage after another, can be seen as a failure in relationships by one person, but another may look at that same person and think about how exciting that lifestyle must be. Therefore, we suggest that you broaden your definitions and you allow for any little accomplishment to be something to celebrate. If you are living, right now, in a pain-free body, celebrate that. See it as an accomplishment if all you are feeling right now is calm and peaceful, and see any amount of money that is flowing into your life right now as the definition of abundance. And you will live more joyously from moment to moment.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


» Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton


8 Replies to “The 9D Arcturian Council: Achieving Goals”

  1. marc

    You said “very few are starting from a place of joy or satisfaction” I ask are you for real ????????? A place of joy when we have so much suffering and misery in this world , are you f-ing blind! WAKE THE F-CK UP UP!

        1. Cheri

          Hang in there Michael, it’s all our angelic DNA clearing the mind control which is affecting our mood. Me too as I am a total gloomy gus lol! which is saying something as it takes a great force of nature to get me down hahahaha!

          Right now I am seeing the babies (pure angelic consciousness) clearing from these timelines. Innocence ravaged as this was the base of the dark attachment to their energetic food source. I am trying not to think about it beyond that because it ravages my heart. Really beyond comprehension what these so called people with no consciousness have done. The feeling coming through is extreme anxiety which feels like depression. A total inversion of joy.

          In love and oneness we are in this together and I am sending you a giant spiritual hug!

          1. Michael

            Thanks a snuggly bunch. You hit the nail on the head, feels like depression that takes all my motivation away. I know it will pass.