Exopolitical Intel Report: Interview with Q

unraveling the truth eraoflightdotcomAugust 14th was a big day for me. The Earth alliance had contacted yours truly (ShadowSuper) just 2 days before. I was simply told to arrive outside Healy-Raes pub in the picturesque village of Kilgarvan near the Cork and Kerry County Border in the south of Ireland.

Arriving at Kilgarvan, I eyed the wheat wavering in the distance in the beautiful Irish countryside, shivering in anticipation which belied the geopolitically important reason I was here in the first place — an interview with Q.

The Earth Alliance source didn’t give away much on the phone, except to say Q was currently at a converted underground base in the sprawling Shehy mountains which straddle the borders of Cork and Kerry just south of Kilgarvan.

This was a former Cabal base raided by the alliance in 2017, Its former occupants now slopping it out at GITMO.

After an hour had passed, and then another hour, and another – I wondered was this really going to happen.

Suddenly a large Black Chevrolet Express Van approached out of nowhere tires screeching, stopping abruptly in front of yours truly and simultaneously snuffing out the tranquility of this sleepy quiet village.

I was told to get into the rear of the van – FAST

Once inside I was placed on the ground and blindfolded. I was assured by this white hat operative that it was for my own protection. An hour went by, I could tell the van was driving over old back-roads and Back Country. I began to sleep deeply.

When I awoke I was no longer blindfolded but sitting on cantilever chair in a non nondescript room reminiscent of Neo’s interrogation in the 1999 movie the matrix..

The man sitting in front of me was a tall man with chiseled features, his brows neatly combed but currently furrowed in a frown.

Instinctively I knew it was Q.

In a deep voice american he asked me to relax and simply – SPEAK..

Nervously I took the pen and paper from the table and prepared my shaking hand for transcription aware that Q never blinked and was staring right at me.

SHADOWSUPER: “Well its been quite an adventure for me to get to meet you here. why now this interview?..did the Earth alliance insist or was it your call?”

Q: “Many will say it was the alliance but I decided months ago to do this. You can throw

so many breadcrumbs in the space of 2 years but maybe on the odd occasion I can throw someone like you a
slice kid”

SHADOWSUPER: ” So is there only one Q – you, or are there more of you”

Q: “Whistleblowers work alone , they may get help but those who help are not allowed to see the big picture. they may be good people, but the less they know about the specific operations relating to the cabal take down the better.

Remember all the other whistle blowers were alone…you think Snowden had an accomplice do you ?? no it was just himself. ya Kid theirs only one Q. teams leak info. trump knows that only too well.”

SHADOWSUPER: “Yes but why here in this base in the south of Ireland, and why now”

Q: “Kid I could give a 100 different reasons for why now, but as for Ireland, well, what can I say…the cabal really fooled Americans about area 51.. there was never anything at area 51, the cabal fooled patriots into thinking stuff was happening there, but while the world was distracted they were building bases like the one we are in here right now, using CERN technology to communicate with off world entities. as our good president trump says – nothing is as it seems – trump knew but he knew it wasnt time”

SHADOWSUPER: “What about the mass arrests. We know there are Cabal in GITMO, but what about hillary?”

Q: ” Kid you gotta remember, before you can make nice sweets you gotta build a good sweet shop.You start the job before you are fully prepared at it goes belly up and you are back at square one. Ya there are a lot of cabal in GITMO right now. Hillary’s arrest is coming but the more we take out cabal bases the more we find. this has had a more profound effect on the Dinar RV than any impending arrests. All I can say is watch and listen to trump..even consider listening backwards ..thats a bigger slice than any bread crumb for you kid?”

SHADOWSUPER: “you mean watch future trump speeches backwards??”

Q: “I’ll just leave it there kid, next question”

SHADOWSUPER: “How will you Q drop in the future”

Q: “Ask john reznor kid , Im goin’ way back. Imagine dragons”

SHADOWSUPER: “Ok , well I dont know what that means to be fair”

Just at that moment a number of white hats entered the room grabbed me and informed me the interview was over.

I was quickly blindfolded and a cloth was placed over my mouth with what appeared to be chloroform.

This was all I remembered as I woke up in the passenger seat of my car in the sleepy village of Kilgarvan.

An old irish gentleman wearing a flat cap passed by and quipped what a soft day it was.

I reflected on the the day and my meeting with Q.

Will the alliance call me back? will I get another interview?

I decided to go for a pint of Guinness in Healy raes pub- feeling slightly better about the world.

More info as it arrives.Exopolitical Intel Report: Interview with Q.


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