General Mattis Confirms The RV Has Begun

era of light alternative newsField McConnell (Abel Danger) had an electrifying phone interview with General Mattis (Mad Dog). General Mattis confirmed that the RV started on 22nd August. The Quantum Financial System has been activated.

Listen from 31′ 30″ (I recommend head phones – Field eats food during the interview making it hard to hear)…

Excerpts from the interview, General Mattis:

‘August 22nd…four Stealth F 35s going down the Hudson (River) at the opening bell…(opening of Wall Street stock market). The opening bell is basically the paper fiat contraption of the Rothschilds. That is a very significant above the air demonstration of the four Stealth F 35s. It’s my humble opinion that it ushered in the Quantum Financial System…’

‘…(The fly over) is a metaphor…It’s the death of the old system. It’s a sign for the benevolents, the White Hats, that your paper fiat worshiping the golden calf days are OVER. It is OVER. And it’s over because General Dunford and the White Hats made it happen with the Chinese benevolents.’

‘…Now we are in the ZONE…the “it’s about to be manifest for humanity” zone. Seven days from today, it is my understanding, the ZIM deadline is supposed to be hard-walled there.’

‘This thing is a big galactic battleship that had to be turned. It took a lot of time to turn this big battleship and get it back on course…’

‘My “Wallet” (General Mattis’ part in the RV) was activated at 9.30am TODAY. Two deposits are coming in today and tomorrow…I am REAFFIRMING what is happening, with evidence…The big deposits are anticipated on October 1st after General Dunford steps down, and the Army Generals are basically securing the Republic..’

‘I see General Dunford as the TRUE Founding Father of the Republic….If any honors go to any one individual, I would say it’s my classmate, General Joseph Dunford…’

‘The Hudson fly over…(signifies) STEALTH – that the QFS has been activated – RV – TODAY.’

(End of excerpts)

Here are images of the stunning military fly past over the Hudson River, backing General Mattis’s description…


Use your own discretion, as with all intel. Listen with your heart. For what it’s worth, my heart is singing…!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)


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