The Council: So What Are You?

council of light eraoflightdotcomSo… what are you? If we ask you that question, how will you answer it? You would probably say things such as “I’m human.” “I’m a man.” “A woman.” “A teacher.” “A financial consultant.” Do you understand what is meant when we say that you are none of these things? These are temporary means of embodiment and survival mechanisms. If you make a rather simple choice, you can cease to be a teacher and then become a farmer or a sales person. We tell you that, whether or not you believe it, you have not always been the same gender nor the same race. All of these are temporary conditions that you have decided to learn through.

Even your physicality is best described as a sort of in and out cycle. One thing… there is one thing about you that is and has always been true. What is that thing? It is simply that you have been, ever since your creation, a conscious entity.

Now you know that you are a conscious being. In fact, you rather mistakenly assume that you are at the top of that heap. There is no thing that you can name – you love to name things – that does not have some level of consciousness. “But what about a rock?” you say. And we say, yes, even a rock. Even an atom or the particle of an atom has a level of consciousness. Now, of course it is not the same level as your own. But the sooner that you understand that all is conscious, and all sentient life has feelings and purpose, the sooner and the faster you will progress.

As for your top of the heap, you are beginning to see that many other species on your world exhibit traits that you would do well to learn from. As one example we give you the dedication and loyalty of your canine companions.

However, even though you yet have vast room for growth, it is true that you are of the consciousness of your Creator and you have reached a level that begs you to remember that fact. It is written, “Know ye not that ye are gods?” Conveniently not thought about or discussed.

You are creators. You manifest. You decide, You choose. You always have, You always will. It is who you are. Now, it takes billions of you to manifest this world in its moment to moment existence. But you do not ever give it a thought. Nor do you ever give yourselves credit for doing it. Why?

Leaving aside the history of being taught otherwise, it is also true that acknowledging the fact of that brings one into the inescapable knowing that you are accountable for what you see. We did not say “to blame”. But only humanity can change humanity’s world.

So when we say “who and what you are”, we mean that you humans are the individualized focal points of consciousness that can, do, and must serve this world if it is to survive as you know it. It will be as you create it… or as you ignore it.

Your written word has it that you were given dominion. So far, we will say, you haven’t exercised it to the greatest ends. And, yes, we do see that you have been deceived for long and in many ways. But now it is time to retake your power and remake your purpose.

Humanity is a sleeping giant, but the giant consists of many who are waking up. When will he/she rise?

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