The Guardians: Custodians Of The Earth

the pleiadains eraoflightdotcomGreetings dear ones. We are the Custodians of these lands, the Guardians, Keepers of the Valley. We work with the Sasquatch and Elementals of this area, in maintaining the balance of energies, for your Mount Warning as it has become known, is a large anchor point for the energies that are now entering the planet.

We Custodians or your Ancestors, are here in this area to monitor and maintain an equal flow, a balance of energies as they now stream towards and into the planet. Know, that the Mount Warning acts as an antenna for these energies as it is akin to a giant crystal and so, the energies it is able to anchor, are large indeed.

We Custodians come forth at this time, with a message of thanks and appreciation. We see the hard work you all do, especially in this local area and we thank you, we see your efforts and we honour them dear ones. Know, that as you go about your journey, and your efforts to anchor and ground the light, we are there. We are here with you now, to not only assist this area and the lands, to anchor and balance this light, but also yourselves, to balance and anchor this light within your own Being, for you are all antennas, able to receive much through your crown and then send it into the Earth, just as your mountains do.

We are the Custodians of the lands, we do not go by any name, but vibration. We are within the trees, within the Earth and within the air, moving with the ebb and flow of life, maintaining balance and clearing any blockages. We have been here since the beginning, we are alike the elementals, but we play a different role. We are here in support of the elements and to help them with their duties. We are Guardians dear ones, Earth Guardians, here to assist in the shifting and balancing of energies.

We are here to support you all, but you will find us in nature, where things are natural and untouched, that is our area of expertise. Call upon us, our vibration is that of the air, the Earth and the trees.

We are the Custodians, the Guardians, the Keepers and the Balancers.

We thank you for your continued efforts in supporting and assisting Mother Earth. Thank you, dear ones, we are with you.

We See You, and We Thank You – The Custodians of the Land


» Source » Channel: Zane Morgan