Mother Divine: Break The Mold

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomDearest child, holy and bright, we live and breathe through you dear child. For you have come to Earth to experience for us, for all of us stem from the same frequency of light and we are all experiencing for each other all of the time. This is a grand experiment you see, for the light of Spirit to seek all those in harmony. Distortions have plagued humanity for many eons and now finally, the light has returned to a whole enough vibration to start resonating with harmony once again. For you have travelled in a circle of time, through the world of illusion, and now you have come full circle, ready to start re-member-ing what it means to find your light. Find your light and let it shine, whole and true, and burgeoning / bursting forth with your own inner truth, your own inner light matching with the others of your tribe. For each segment has divided many times, one light now shadowed and mirrored over many many fractions of light – one beacon divided many times, coming back together as your inner light begins to shine.

Do not hold on too tight to the illusions of the past, the holiness you seek is calling for you at last. There are so many others on the same path. Seeking a higher way of being, do not hold back. As you begin to shine, it will inspire others to do the same, one light unifying can strip away the pain.

Allow your soul to heal from many pains and tragedies of the past. Let the pain go now and seek out the joy from within, calling to you at last. For you are at a turning point, the great and infinite divide to swallow you up whole or heal you from the inside. Go within. In the silence of your soul. Hear the rumblings of your heart and do not let go. For what you have forsaken will be returned to you tenfold. Open your heart and break the mold. Do what is bold. Do what you know to be your true calling and reach out to the rest of the world. Do not hide in the shadows of what is old but bring yourself fully into the bright new world.

One foot, one shoe, striding across that divide – conquering the change in dimensions and walking forward in great stride. Confident, full of hope, wanting nothing more than to bring more light into your soul, more heart into your work, more joy to behold.

This is what we wish for you, a life to be lived wild and free, in harmony with your own inner path, the workings of your destiny. Let go of the rope that tethers you to the old and leap forward fresh and inspired with love in your hearts and the light of your soul reaching out and shining a path filled with hope.

With love and great blessings I AM Your Mother Divine – calling you from another planet, another construct, another time. Reach forward dear one into the light and call forward to yourself a fresh new life.

In love and light – Karen!


» Source » Channel: Karen Vivenzio