The Galactic Federation of Light: Strength In The Light

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomIt is with great joy that we can let you know that the raising of consciousness has proceeded quickly for human beings and which in turn raises the planetary ascension of Mother Earth. On the ships we work with conveying the light with the help of lightworkers and light warriors to the people and thus raising the consciousness yet more. It is going exactly according to plan with the changes the strong light energies that now are hitting Earth in large waves now causes. These light energies are love energies that effect humans differently depending how far one has advanced in one’s development and raising of consciousness.

Light worker and light warriors work with the galactics to see and collect the strong energies that are coming from the Great Central Sun that we all come from. The galactics also need light energies that strengthen them in their work in order to help Mother Earth and the humans in their ascension.

To convey these love energies it requires that light worker and light warriors and the galactics from the higher dimensions can coordinate to that everybody on the planet Earth receive as much light energy as is possible. It is a big job that demands much from light workers and light warriors and in particular regarding the light they have themselves and which must continue to shine over the Earth.

Many humans have started to understand that reality has started to change to a different light planet and existence. This means that all of you on the planet need a more positive attitude towards how you want to live on Earth. Try to envision a more positive development for the planet in the form of a more light and joyful planet that cares for everything living that exists for a reason and not by chance.

There is still much work left for us galactics to do and we are very happy and grateful over all the help we receive from you light workers and warriors who have worked with us galactics in the atmosphere on our numerous ships. The work is greatly appreciated.

The first contact with us galactics is not so far away. We prepare to descend, but it is hard to speak of exact dates for when we arrive.

We are very happy over this channel who conveys our messages to humans for their knowledge of how far into the ascension you are. The raising of consciousness is occurring continuously for the whole population.

Continue to love each other and yourself as light beings.

The Galactics from the Pleiadies.

Much thanks… in love I serve… I AM.


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan 

» Source » Channel: Inger Noren