Afërdita(Aphrodite): Flames of the Divine

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomGreetings, friends of Earth, of Gaia. I am Aphrodite, goddess of love, of all good things. For all good things come from love. The love that your Universal Mother of All Things is showering down upon Gaia and all upon her in this most blessed, most sacred now, is truly astonishingly beautiful to behold.

In the days gone by, in the days of old, when magic was no mystery and powers were understood with reverence, I Am. I worked with the mystery schools. Many of you reading these words were part of my associates, my students, where we studied the vast, power of love. Where the mystical union of man and women, of masculine and feminine energies were understood and merged with great reverence and respect. We worked with these energies and so you shall again. Initiates, arise. Those who have heard these words in worlds gone by, ancient lineages of service to the goddess, to the light, to the love, arise. Remember. For these encodements swirl around you, stirred once more, like soup in a kettle, simmering. The aroma you emit is most lovely, blessed initiates of the way.

I am Aphrodite, goddess of the highest love. I too serve the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. For we are aspects of each other, we are all one great oneness of cosmic potential and the humans are beginning to wake up to see. No longer are you destined for destruction. Gaia is to be a sanctuary of peace, of love, of mutual respect, of commonality of purpose. Nova Gaia beams in the not too far distance. Bring her to you. Comfort your planetary mother. The great mysteries of the way are about to be revealed. Those of you with the inner light codes reading these words will begin to remember. For you are remembering now, even as you type, listen, read these words.

I Aphrodite speak for the Sophia flame, the Christed feminine. Just as the monthly blood flows with the cycles of the moon, with the cycles of the planetary mother, so too shall your remembrances become unlocked, online. Celebrate the flow into grace, into remembering. Celebrate the divine within you, the divine feminine dances once again, unabashed, unafraid, free in her naked loveliness in front of her lover, the divine masculine. For too long has sex been misunderstood. The great power of divine union is to be once again restored from base carnal lust to that of divine understanding, release, reunion, adventure.

I Aphrodite speak. I call forth the flames of the divine to alight within you. See a mist of pink enshroud you. Men, do not be afraid, for I call you equally. It is time of the great balance, the great rebalancing of the divine within. Yin and yang, male and female, light and dark. It is time for rebalance, for regrowth, for reunion.

I am Aphrodite, servant of the great mother, servant for Gaia in her maiden voyage from the depths into the light of the new. I see Nova Gaia glittering like diamond jewels within your auras, as you pull these energies closer, ever closer. Welcome them in. Become friends with joy again, my initiates of the way and be energies of the light! Be not afraid of who you are! Be who you were born to be. It is your destiny. Many mysteries are about to be revealed. Hold the light so that the truths can be truly grounded into the new, into the oneness. Sex is not dirty, children. It has been tremendously perverted in this realm of smoke and mirrors. The mirrors are shattered so that one can truly see. The smoke is clearing. The matrix is destroyed. Remember it no longer. Recall your past, your training, your warrior-self. You are light warriors. Anchor this light. Claim your destiny. It is time to arise, warriors of the way, of the love, of the Christ dancing with the divine Sophia. Welcome their reunion and watch in wonder as the great dance unfolds, as deeper truths emerge. Love. Hold onto love. Cling to love. Cling to the truth, for it is within you. Many of your Christed light codes are glimmering, shimmering like diamond lights of divine ecstasy. Be emboldened, be comforted and lead the way into the new, as you ground these tremendous light encodements into your planetary mother’s body and thus into your own. Be not afraid of your sexuality. It is a tremendous gift, a great treasure. Guard your treasure, for within holds astral travel, great mysteries, longevity – many things. As such, the power of sex has been misused. It is your power, and your power alone. Share it wisely.

I am Aphrodite. See my shimmering pink veil of magnificent twinkle lights wrap around your frame. Be emboldened by your inner beauty and be at peace. I am Aphrodite. Initiates of the way, welcome home, welcome to your remembering. I am Aphrodite.

**Channel: Galaxygirl