Led by the Light; Time to Make a Choice

anchoring paradise earth eraoflightdotcomMarch 27, 2019 is marked as “Graduation Day” for Mother Earth Gaia and Her Kingdoms.  The whole of Creation celebrated Her attainment of and alignment to the 5th Dimensional Vibratory Frequency as a Creator Planet among Creator Planets.

Since then, humanity has been receiving waves of high vibrational energy through the movements within the Great Central Sun and from Mother Earth and Her planetary brothers and sisters.  These movements have triggered a bifurcation of humanity’s energy into three streams of Awareness – those being

Aware AND Awakened
Aware TO Awake
and Unawakened and Unaware.

These streams are not permanent and are, in fact, very fluid and allowing so that each and every Soul may explore, practice and define his/her own role in Mother Earth’s New 5th Dimensional Reality.

To fulfill our role in Mother Earth’s New Reality is to become and BE Aware and Awakened within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension – all the while, leaving the antiquated 3rd Dimensional society behind.  Human societies of the 3rd Dimension are comprised of many individual and unique people who have been shaped and molded by the influences of their culture, environment and beliefs. This way was all well and good when predictable foundations of structure led us to assume our ‘responsibilities’ of Life.

It was not until March 27, 2017 – when Mother Earth joined Her new 5th Dimensional Frequency with that of the Whole of Creation – that humanity had to make the choice to join with Mother Earth or remain among the Unawakened and Unaware.  “Will I serve to assist in Mother Earth’s transition?” or “Will I ignore the call of my Soul?”

Humanity is seeing and feeling the affects of Mother Earth’s 5th Dimensional Vibratory Frequency now.  All of humanity is transitioning and acclimating and integrating and adapting to these powerful gifts of healing Light and unconditional Love.  Humanity’s perception of Mother Earth’s transition is instrumental in producing the human collective’s own experience of expanded awareness.

From September 7, 2019 to February 17, 2020 humanity will be assisting in the initiation of our Society of Light.  Our former social structures are antiquated and in need of becoming inclusive and revamped towards our future 5th Dimensional reality. Our thought processes will shift and begin to address the infinite possibilities for our future experience within Mother Earth’s Universal Community of the Fifth Dimension. Thoughts and creations anchored in the actions and metaphors of the past will create more of the same.

From September 7, 2019 to February 17, 2020, humanity is in a position of choice:  Will I serve to assist in Mother Earth’s Transition or will I remain unawake and unaware in 3d?

There are no available methods of turning back. We stood in long lines to be here and to witness and to be a part of this transition.  No matter – Aware and Awakened, Aware to Awaken, or Unawake and Unaware – we will all be offering our assistance towards Mother Earth’s New Reality!  The Aware and Awakened continue (for now) to do most of the heavy lifting to initiate our Society of Light.  Those who are Unaware and Unawake will be unconsciously releasing control of the former 3D reality!

The 3D reality was designed to allow humanity to have the experience of separation and amnesia.  We know enough about all of that now and we are ready to move back up the mountain to re-membering our Truth of Unity and Oneness.

Listen to your Heart and Soul, Dear Ones.  This is where everyone will be Led by the Light!


Peace and blessings.  Namaste.

Received and written, edited and shared, in co-creation – Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia.


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