Monthly Forecasts: Message for September 2019

astrology eraoflightdotcomAs the feeling of being ‘somewhere in the middle’ continues, throughout September there is a growing sense of connection to the twists and turns life. It’s as though several layers of sensitivity have suddenly been switched on, and we are each being challenged to find ways of dealing with this overload of information, emotion, experiences and awareness. Life is rarely straightforward, or black and white, but this feels a step beyond complicated, it’s akin to someone turning up the volume on all of the senses, and suddenly everything is more acute, from sounds, smells, sights and feelings.

It would therefore be easy to understand why so many of us are feeling a huge sense of burden, combined with confusion at the current time. Yet, there are many others who seem to be thriving in this chaotic, discombobulated and highly energised time. Many of us who are struggling at the current time may be feeling isolated and disconnected, particularly when others appear to be thriving. It can be hard feeling as though we’re standing on the edge looking in, as others flourish and blossom. However, it’s important to realise that we each have our own journey, and the fact that we may be struggling isn’t a sign that we not evolving fast enough, it’s simply a sign that the pace of change is moving more swiftly and with more intensity.

This isn’t to say that the more we suffer, the more we evolve, but as we know, it’s very often suffering that brings us a deeper sense of awareness. It’s as though the scars we bear (be they physical, emotional or spiritual) enable more wisdom and insight to arise. Many creative and spiritual souls carry a great many scars, and whilst very often these are a result of great suffering, these souls have turned to the pain and transmuted it into something of great beauty and majesty. There is no hard and fast rule as to how one can transmute pain or suffering, or indeed how we should, or shouldn’t, deal with challenges in our life, but what seems clear is a willingness to be self-compassionate and self-aware.

The scars we carry often allow more pain into our hearts and souls, but they also allow more light to come through. It’s perhaps slightly whimsical to suggest that we grow through suffering, but there is great truth in that belief. So, when we feel overwhelmed, disconnected and isolated, it’s important to know that we’re not truly on our own, as there are always like-minded souls walking the path at our side. Whilst we may not see them, intuitively we know they are there.

As a result, September looks set to be a month for increasing unity as we reach out. However, it’s also a time reach in as well. In essence this means reaching out to others, being more open and being willing to connect more deeply despite exposing ourselves more to raw emotions (we need to be willing to experience all emotions, the good and the ‘bad’ as we cannot be selective; if we try to build a brick wall, we shut out everything). Reaching in at the same time shows a willingness to gaze deeply into our own hearts and souls with compassion and love. After all, unless we can love and honour ourselves, the value of reaching out is limited because we have placed boundaries around ourselves.

Whilst there may be times when we feel as though everyone else is speaking a different language than us, it’s important to remember that, despite obstacles, there is a universal level of communication which means wherever we may find ourselves, there is always a way to reach out and connect. It’s not always obvious how to do this, but when we close our eyes and take a big deep breath, we open the door to our intuition; we then need to let it lead the way…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to find a stronger, and more enriching, sense of self, there is a sense that you are beginning to take a long, hard look at yourself and your life. You have spent a great deal of time trying to be the person that you thought you ought to be, however, you are now realising the importance of being true to yourself. Although you are often forward thinking, and highly motivated, there is a sense that you often defer these qualities for the sake of keeping the peace and pacifying those around you. As a result, there is a sense that you have started to lose a sense of yourself; as though you have disconnected slightly from the core of your being. All is not lost, but there is a need for you to contemplate the changes you need to make in order to live in more fulfilling, enriching and expansive ways. This isn’t about becoming self-focused, it’s more about honouring yourself, and listening to your own needs.

You have spent so much of your life trying to do your best for others, but you have deviated somewhat from the path you thought you would follow in life. Of course, in many ways, deviating from the path always happens, because no one can truly know what lies around the next corner, and it’s human nature to explore and meander. Yet, this isn’t just about exploring new pathways and going off route, it’s also been a case of finding yourself walking the pathways of others in an attempt to keep everybody happy. Whilst this is admirable, it often leaves you feeling frustrated as there is a sense of incompletion, as the more you walk the path of others, the further away from your own path you become. It’s time now to find new ways to flourish and thrive, as you begin to explore pastures new…


As you continue to shape and hone your focus towards the here and now, there is a sense you are beginning to let go of some of your expectations in terms of giving yourself a hard time to do more, be more, see more and achieve more. Whilst you will never stop striving for more, you seemed to have reached a stage of your life where acceptance, compassion and self-love are more important to you than the things you do, see, say and be. At the same time, you are continuing to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to achieving a stronger sense of equilibrium in your life. You have never found it particularly easy to say ‘no!’, or indeed to say ‘Yes!’. In fact, declaring your true thoughts, wants and needs have never been that easy for you, mainly because you so often think of others, but also because your own thoughts, wants and needs are changing so rapidly and so constantly, it can be hard for you to keep up with them. As a result, you can sometimes end up feeling discombobulated and a bit confused.

So, it seems important to continue to work at expressing your truth, standing your ground and honouring your own needs. This is your time to live the life you were born to live, and whilst you will always be there for others, this is your moment to create some ripples of change in your own life in order to re-shape and re-define your world from the inside, out. At the end of the day, only you know what your heart truly desires, and only you know what makes your heart sing. Life is for living, and you seem ready now to grab hold of it with both hands in order to flourish and thrive once again…


Gazing deeply within seems to be fairly commonplace for you: you are often found sat in deep contemplation, exploring your depths and wondering what makes you, you. Over the years, you have asked so many questions – many of which have yet to be answered – in connection to life, the universe and everything in between. Being such a deep thinker has brought you great reward and it has helped you to make sense of your life (mostly!). Yet, there is also a sense that your inward focus has come at a cost of not living your life or in each and every moment. It’s not that you are in denial of life, far from it, but your tendency to seek answers and reasons as to why things are the way they are, can leave you slightly disconnected from the present moment. It therefore seems clear that the more your soul rises up from deep within you in the process of awakening the more you need to begin to find new ways to live more consciously and with more awareness. This isn’t necessarily about starting your life afresh or shaking off the old, this is more about finding ways to reconnect to the essence and magic of being you.

Yes, you will always have unanswered questions, and there will always be times when you wonder what on earth it’s all about, but there are also many times when this doesn’t matter, for you can bathe in the magic of the moment and feel fully and wholeheartedly alive. Whilst this doesn’t magically fix the many imbalances in the world, this is more about your own inner equilibrium. Spending time watching the waves lap the shore, listening to a bird in song or watching the breeze rustle through the leaves on a tree are just some of the many ways you can restore balance and re-connect to the little bit of magic fizzing and sparking inside of you…


As the warmth continues to rise up from deep within your heart and soul, you are beginning to look beyond the parapet in order to see the bigger picture of your life. You have spent so long keeping on keeping on, trying your best to be your best, and doing all you can to get from a to b, that in the process, it seems you’ve lost sight of what truly makes your heart sing. Okay, so whilst you may inwardly sigh at the concept of making your heart sing, intuitively you know this isn’t some namby-pamby idea as this is your life, and it matters. It matters to feel joy and warmth within, it matters to feel a sense of purpose and it matters to feel as though you are living the best life you could possibly live. Now this isn’t to say you are unhappy, but it seems clear that the more you awaken your soul deep within, the more drawn you will be to re-connect to your dreams.

There are many aspects of your life that you have put on hold over the years in order to keep on keeping on, and whilst you have achieved a great deal, there is a slight sense of disappointment within you that you haven’t taken that leap of faith in order to have a go or take a chance. Of course, life carries no guarantees, and you may feel it a safer option to keep on keeping on. There is nothing wrong with this choice, however you need to acknowledge it as a choice in order to give it power and strength. Once you own your decision, you can begin the process of acceptance in order to find new ways to make your heart sing. Sometimes, you almost have to go backwards in order to go forwards…


September looks set to be a month of renewed inspiration as you continue to acknowledge the anticipation that’s tingling and rippling through your heart and soul. You have reached a crossroads in your life, and whilst you take a moment to gaze back over the paths you have already walked, it is also a good time to contemplate the paths ahead in order to gain a clearer sense as to your true goals and motivations. There is a sense that you have been moving forward with momentum that has, on the whole, been carried by the needs, wishes and desires of others. It’s as though you have been swept up in their currents and unable to navigate your own ship through life. Whilst you have seen so much, and experienced a great deal being carried along in the currents, you undoubtedly seem ready now to take back the helm in order to navigate towards your heart and soul.

You are a passionate, compassionate and generous soul, and these gifts combined with your creativity, intuition and effervescence, make you a truly special individual. Although you know this, you are far too bashful (on the whole!) to openly admit this, however unless you admit it, how can you embrace these gifts? Sometimes, the only way to take hold of your life is to take hold of your life. This may sound obvious, but unless you can wholeheartedly acknowledge your passion and generosity, creativity and effervescence, what chance do they have to flourish and thrive? This crossroads you are at is an important one, as this is your moment to re-shape and re-define your life. What happens next is, on the whole, in your hands as you have an opportunity to re-connect all of the dots in order to make a more whole and complete you. These are exciting times…


Life is often a series of roundabouts, cul-de-sacs, traffic lights and ring roads. Just when you think you are making progress, and you put your foot down, some temporary traffic lights appear as some unforeseen roadworks filling a pothole take up the path before you. It would be easy to feel frustrated at these seemingly random hold-ups, but when you take a step back to look at the bigger picture, these hold-ups really do only take up a tiny proportion of your life. Yet, they take centre stage because they thwart your progress and they irritate you. Therefore they grow in shape and form, and just like the monster in the wardrobe, they get bigger over time. It’s only when you step back and apply your usual common sense, that you see just how entrenched you’ve become in those minor irritations. As a result, you’ve lost sight of the magnificent roads you’ve travelled and forgotten about rather magical terrain you’ve seen. In other words, maybe it’s time to stop sweating the small stuff and to instead use those moments of pause to breathe deeply once again?

So, when you find yourself going around and around the roundabout or you find yourself sat at traffic lights, either metaphorically or literally, just take a few moments to take a deep breath rather than feel irritated you’re being held up or delayed. Life is never as straightforward or as clear-cut as we may like, but it becomes a choice as to whether or not we let this take over or whether we choose to see these obstacles merely as obstacles, and let it go. It’s time to look beyond the frustration in order to re-connect to your passion and to realise that all of these little hold-ups really haven’t thwarted your progress, it’s just your perception. So, take a deep breath and start to travel lightly once again…


You’ve certainly had your ups and downs lately, in fact, you may feel you’ve had more downs than ups as you’ve had more than your fair share of challenges. However, despite the hills you’ve had to climb and the challenges you’ve faced, you seem more awake and alive than ever before. One might actually conclude that you rather thrive on such challenges! Whilst this might be true, it seems more likely that you are radiating so brightly because you finally have a stronger sense of self and a clear pathway to follow in life. You have spent quite a bit of time meandering almost aimlessly trying to move forward, but not really sure where you’re heading or why. And whilst there are still no clear answers, this no longer seems to matter as you have realised the power of living consciously in each and every moment. At the same time, you have let go of the need to have answers to every question and you have set yourself free from the need to always understand why things are the way they are. As a result, you are lighter, freer and more energised than you’ve ever been.

This may feel quite strange and even a little bit alien, as you’re really not used to feeling so free, but this is your natural state of being! At heart, you are a free spirit, your creativity knows no bounds and your intuition reaches far and wide. Life has shaped and carved your free spirit into little boxes in order for you to keep on keeping on. Whilst this has enabled you to get things done, the cost has been a diminishing sense of freedom within your heart and soul. In truth, not much has really happened externally to change this, what has happened is you’ve reached a point of self-love, self-compassion and self-awareness; let the good times roll…


There is no doubt you’re a complex being; your depths are boundless and mysterious, and even you have yet to explore vast swathes of your inner landscape. In some ways, you seem keen to dive in deeply in order to discover more about yourself, but in other ways you seem content to carry around a sense of uncertainty and mystery, as it always gives you a sense of there being more to life. It’s as if you fear discovering all there is to know about yourself in case that leaves no mysteries or nothing else to explore. Of course, intuitively you know you could never reach the ends of yourself, as you are infinite, but there’s this nagging doubt that you really don’t want to explore too much as being a mystery is actually rather fun. So, as well as being incredibly complex, you are also caught up in something of a conundrum between wanting to explore your depths, but not wanting to at the same time.

For many, this could prove impossibly frustrating, but to you this is your everyday and you’re used to feeling caught up in conundrums, lost in mysteries and tangled in complexity. In fact, there is a sense that the more conundrums, mysteries and tangles you find, the more you flourish and bloom. It seems clear that you need to find peace with your true nature, and you need to start accepting your complex nature, for the more you fight it, the more confusing it becomes. Your complexity brings you wisdom, knowledge and creativity, and whilst it connects you more deeply to your rollercoaster of emotions, this allows you to tap into experiences in ways that few others could even comprehend. It’s time to celebrate your complexity, because it’s what makes you amazing, and it’s what makes you so unique, vibrant and incredible…


As you continue to piece together individual moments of tranquillity amongst the mêlée and throng of life, there is a sense that this is gradually growing into something more tangible and substantial. It’s akin to a snowball, starting off small, but slowly and steadily growing into something much bigger. However, unlike a snowball that is whizzing downhill going faster and faster, this seems to be gentler and less animated. Your life has undoubtedly been on fast forward for quite some time, so it may feel slightly strange that things are slowing down. At the same time, this slower pace could actually feel slightly frustrating as you still have so many things to do, people to see, places to go and things to achieve. You could therefore find yourself feeling stuck in between a moment, on one hand wanting to charge ahead, and on the other, beginning to enjoy a slightly slower pace of life.

It’s only now you’ve slowed down, that you’ve noticed how much magic and energy is contained within a single moment, and this is enabling you to re-focus and re-hone your goals and dreams. Yet, your life is still busy, full of distractions and things to do, and whilst this is your normal, everyday existence, there is a sense that it’s time for you to let at least some of this go as it feels more like clutter than essential things to do. Yes, you thrive on busyness, challenge and the chaos of life, but you also need space, quiet and tranquillity in order to grow and develop your phenomenal intuition and your far-reaching effervescence. Its time now to find a truer sense of balance in your life, to realise that it’s okay to have quiet time, and to know it’s fine to take some time out once in a while. This is your life, live it your way…


September looks set to be a month of shifting sands and changing tides as you begin to see some subtle shifts in the landscape of your life. Although the landscape carved by the sea and the sand can take millennia to change shape and form, it seems that the shifts rising up within you are moving at a considerably faster pace. Yet, whilst you can sense the shifts, they are still quite nebulous and hard to grasp hold of, as there is as yet, no real sense of purpose or direction. Of course, you are a patient soul, and you have waited quietly, silently watching the changing landscape, waiting for your moment to rise up once again. However, you have grown a bit bored and weary of waiting as there is so much energy waiting to burst forth from your heart and soul. At the same time, watching the shifts is difficult, because it’s hard to piece together the different fragments unless you step back to see the bigger picture. Yet, as you sit, watch and wait, you become drawn in even deeper to the details, unable to see the bigger picture.

So, it seems time to step back in order to once again see the bigger picture of your life; you may well be quite surprised at what you see, as you have changed significantly over recent weeks, months and years, and you simply aren’t the same person anymore. Whilst this could be true for most people, these shifts are somehow more profound within you, it’s as though you’ve left a huge part of yourself behind; and, as you’ve stepped into new terrain, everything feels different renewed. It’s hard to put this into words, as it’s more of feeling than anything else, but when you close your eyes and take a deep breath, you get a sense of exactly what this means to you…


As you continue to oscillate between the ups and downs of life, you are beginning to find a sense of peace walking the middle road. You have always been one to thrive on life’s challenges, and you have never been afraid to turn to face your fears; as a result, there is a part of you that somehow seems to turn towards each end of the spectrum of experiences in order to feel things more intensely. This doesn’t mean you go out of your way to find challenges, nor does it mean you seek out trials or tribulations, it simply means there is a part of you longing to feel fully awake, and, at the moment, this is coming from the far ends of the spectrum of life. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, intuitively you know that you need to find ways of feeling so alive even when you are walking the middle road.

It therefore seems important for you to take a good look at yourself and your life in order to see the ways in which you have shaped and honed your experiences in order to conform or fit with the expectations or needs of others. It seems that part of your desire to feel more intensely is coming from a sense that you are somehow subduing your gifts in order to keep on keeping on. It’s as though you feel you need to switch off your intuition, creativity and explorative nature in order to keep the applecart steady and sure. However, intuitively you know that you also need to allow your true nature to have the freedom to flow freely, as this is your life force and spark. You seem ready now to find new ways to thrive in each and every moment, to live life to the full, and to let your life force fizz and bubble freely…


As the free spirit within you continues to wiggle and wriggle, there is a sense you are beginning to acknowledge the need for you to take good care of your own needs. You have spent so much of your life caring for others and supporting others, and the cost of this has been a sense of loss of the freedom that your inner spirit craves. It can be hard to acknowledge this inner restlessness, because in many ways it feels like an inconvenience as it’s interrupting the normal daily flow of things to do, people to see and places to go. It’s a sorry state of affairs that your free spirit can feel like a hindrance, but it’s a reflection of a deep sense of lethargy that’s been so entrenched within your heart and soul. This lethargy is a result of trying to do so much for so many, but more importantly, it’s also a result of you not listening to your inner self and denying your own needs.

Whilst you’re not being deliberately self-sabotaging, there is a sense that it’s somehow easier not to acknowledge your inner needs as this could upset the finely tuned balance in your life. Intuitively you know this needs to change because you know that in order to live life more richly and more freely, you have to acknowledge your heart and soul. It’s a bit like trying to sail a ship across the ocean, not getting anywhere, but failing to acknowledge that the anchor is still sat fast on the ocean floor. You are an intuitive and innovative soul, so rather than feel beleaguered with the pressures you face in life, it’s time to look beyond these in order to reconnect to your free spirit. Your free spirit isn’t there to trip you up, it’s there to support you, to encourage you and to inspire you to thrive…


» Source » By Sarah-Jane Grace