The Taygetans: The Amazon Fires

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomThis is a short channeling video in which information is shared about the fires in the Amazon forests. The entity by the name of Swaruu and from the Star System of the Pleiades gives his perspective on the situation at hand and more.

Quick Points;

*Fires are complex things.

*The Amazon fires are not natural and were caused by Humans clearing for crops.

*Fires were set by those large corporations who want to promote veganism, another complex subject.

*They used combustion accelerators like nano-thermite, also used on the Twin Towers.

*This technology raises the temperature so high that rain and other water becomes hydrogen and oxygen, thereby feeding the fire and causing explosions.

*Many fires are also set by non-Humans (reptilians) as well for the purpose of planetary engineering.

*Humans are intertwined with other ET races.

*Nature in isolated places is like a 5D bubble surrounded by 3D. Those places are targeted by negative ETs for the purpose of keeping this place in low vibration.