Yeshua: You Have Been The Christs Of Other Civilizations

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newI am Yeshua Sananda.  I come as both, here today, to be with you.  To share. To experience your love.  Your love that is transcending the universe, now. For as one said earlier:  you have no idea who you are at this point yet.  Many have shared this with you at various times, attempted to bring this understanding to you.  Not to raise your ego, but to raise your consciousness.  For as you raise your consciousness, that part of your ego that is the love part of your ego, raises also.  And the lower part of your ego falls behind; not to be lost, but to be overcome, to be overshadowed, overlighted.  And that is what you are doing now.  As you are moving into this first wave of ascension.

And yes, you are moving into that wave.  How quickly you are able to move through it is entirely up to each and every one of you.  Yes, it is a collective ascension. But it is also an individual movement.  And as individuals, you have the capacity, the potential, and even the probability of fully moving through this ascension in the not-too-far-off future.  And in reality, you look beyond the illusion, now, you are in the ascension NOW in this moment, all of you, at various levels.

But the ascension is not an overnight sensation.  It is not an experience that brings you up into the higher vibrations and keeps you there in a blink of an eye.  But yet, for some, it can be exactly that.  Just as the one who experienced the disappearance of her physical body from another being able to have sight of it, just as she was able to do this without even knowing she was doing it, she raised herself up at a more unconscious level into those higher vibrations of the fifth dimension and therefore, in that state of consciousness, ceased to exist for a time to others who would not have the eyes to see at that point.

So too, each and every one of you in this space that you’ve found yourself last evening, also at times did the same, even though there was no one here to witness the disappearance, all of you did rise up into that fifth dimension for a time.  And if there had been one here who was somewhat of a skeptic, who was one that did not have the eyes to see, they would have received the proof at that moment that something was out of the ordinary, here, beyond the illusion, beyond the third-dimensional expression.

I, as Sananda, Yeshua, speak to you now with love, with understanding, with oneness, with joy, with compassion, with peace to all and each and every one of you because you came along with us long, long ago.  I, as Sananda, you followed me here to this planet, to this experience, to this experiment, knowing full well that you would all lose yourself in the game for a time.  And you have all had variations in your evolution here through your many lifetimes, your many experiences, your many travails.

And yes, you played both parts at times.  Sometimes you were the light.  Sometimes you brought the darkness.  All to help you to understand what the darkness is, so that you could fully understand the light.

So those of us who placed you down as your personality could also understand the same.  Through you we live, and breathe, and have our lives and our experiences.  Through you.  Remember that, always.

For at times in the future, and from times in the past, you have been where we are at this point.  You have been the Christs of other civilizations. You have been the ones that have brought light to other systems.  You have been the ones that have brought down the old system and raised the new, just as you are doing now, just as many of you who will likely volunteer to do again, and again, and again.  Until you have moved fully through the experience of life, and returned back from whence we all came, back to the Creator, back to the Oneness, the full Oneness.  But in so doing, in returning to that oneness, knowing fully who you have been throughout all of the experiences, throughout all of the eternity of life.

And yes, life is eternal.  The expression of your soul is eternal.  It will never end, just as it never fully began.  We know that is very difficult to understand.  For how could you have always been, and always be eternally.  That is the quandary.  That is the message within creation for all to come to understand at some point.  And you, all of you, are continuing on your journey, the journey that is all-important, that is taking you to places that you have never been before and, in so doing, Prime Creator has never been before.

I, we, leave you now in peace and love and oneness, and ask you now in your session this evening to call out to all of those that are looking for the beacon that you are providing for them.  The beacon that is calling them forward.  You will understand this more this evening.

Peace and love be with each and every one of you, my Dear Brothers, my Dear Sisters, the love of our life.


Channel: James McConnell