Mira of the Pleiaidan High Council: Your Accelerated Awareness

mira of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomGreetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. Most of you know that my primary focus of the past six years has been to assist the earth with the Ascension process. I am pleased to say that this process is well underway. Some of you may be aware that the earth no longer feels the way that she used to feel, and since you are a microcosm of the macrocosm, this is true for you. You feel differently in your body and you maneuver differently too.

Your accelerated awareness has contributed significantly to these sensations, for what would you be and where would you be if you were not on the earth at this time?

Yes, you are exactly where you are supposed to be in this now moment on beloved Mother Earth. She appreciates and values your energy and the energy in your hearts, beyond measure. She knows and honors your presence here on the earth at this time. You are her beloved children. You are created from her energy. Your dedication and commitment to your ground crew work make this Ascension process possible.

You realize how quickly time has sped up and how much your reality has changed in the past few months. I wish that you could see how productive you have been and how successful our work together has become. With your assistance we are able to achieve our business effectively and efficiently.

In case you had not noticed, we are also making frequent appearances in the skies in many of your surroundings. In fact, we have one of our ships close to this channel’s home while she is writing today. We are assisting her with our Galactic energy increasingly with her writings. We want you to be able to feel us transmitting our energy to you through her words. We are all happy about this.

As we make way to open even more routes for our contact, you will begin to love and appreciate even more of what we have to share. We are here. We are closer than ever. We are aware of and observe whatever happens on your planet. If there is a need for our assistance we will be there.

These times are crucial for the Divine Plan. We recommend you listen closely to the earth and read between the lines about what is being communicated because it’s intended for you.

There will be many lessons to be learned as you continue your Ascension. We will get to learn about each other. You will learn the truth. By this time next year, 2020, your planet will look very differently and your lives will have changed. You will be following the rainbow of light and beauty. Your bodies will be lighter and brighter, along with your smiles. (No, you won’t tooth whitener for this to occur!)

We won’t keep you in suspense much longer. Keep doing your work, follow your hearts, and love immeasurably.

With much love, I am Mira.

» Source » Channel: Valerie Donner

6 Replies to “Mira of the Pleiaidan High Council: Your Accelerated Awareness”

  1. Wayne W Hansen (@waynewhansen)

    “By this time next year, 2020, your planet will look very differently and your lives will have changed.” One meaning of this statement could be a worldwide mud flood like what happened in 1812. The lower part of the buildings are covered. This also means that the drinking water, crops, and animals are destroyed, causing a large population reduction. Some lightworkers believe in a space ship rescue before this happens.

  2. Doug James

    Mira thank you so much for the kind words! Transformative is what we all want to see and experience. Once a person awakens it is very difficult to get through each day knowing how it is all a controlled false matrix. Love is real but almost all in this 3D world is contrived to keep us unaware. Let’s speed this all up humans can adapt much faster than you know once they know TRUTH.

  3. bob

    I know this is true because old energies that once affected us adversely have fallen off significantly and new ones that are supportive are now becoming the norm. That is the Divine Plan that Gaia is heralding if one listens to her heartbeat.

    1. Cheri

      Thank you for sharing this Bob! I feel this too! It is no longer subtle but palpable. The secrets, lies and propaganda manipulation seem more and more absurd and those who are resisting the divine plan seem more and more glitchy and totally out of sync. It is much easier in the energy flow now with the wind at our back as peace and prosperity return and the universal laws return to the earth plane. Everything of love is magnified and all out of balance is returned to sender to resolve rather than spewed upon the collective psyche.

      So happy to hear confirmation about the reality shift coming in 2020! We did it lightworkers! Now we start to reap the harvest yay!