September Vibrations

waves of light eraoflightdotcomAugust was DEEP and INTENSE! Which month this year hasn’t been?! The range of emotions, the brutal honesty, collapsing of old timelines that came with August set a new wave that we will be riding well into September. August came through to show what was not and will not work anymore; the cloak of illusions have been lifted and now we are face to face with ourselves. We have stepped into a new reality and the more you hold on to the past the more intense the release will be; we are no longer being guided to step up into this new paradigm, we are being pushed. It is completely up to us how our transformation will look and feel.

September goes deep into the collapse of the 3D mind and awakens us deeper into our “GOD Mind”; the all-knowing mind of our infinite selves. This is the mind that holds every incarnation, every person, place or thing we have incarnated as to set mastery to our Soul. We are awakening to the eternal wisdom of our Soul in this phase because NOW that wisdom is needed here on Earth. We were put under amnesia in our past lives because that was a part of the plan to excel our learning and experiences. As of 2012, that cycle of amnesia ended. We are NOW remembering those memories and embodiments because our wisdom is needed to create a New Earth, a new reality, a new paradigm. The Amazon burning down is not a sheer coincidence. It is the Divine Mother CALLING back her enslaved consciousness to the Keepers of the codes…YOU. As the veil of illusion is lifted we are seeing EVERYTHING in its true form; the programmings that have kept us enslaved, the energies streaming in from a myriad of different Star Systems, the Galactic Core, the God-Head and seeing ourselves as the Starseeds we truly are. With this awakening comes a brutal “reality” check of EVERYTHING in our lives.

September will assist the Andromeda’s with the reconstruction of the mind. The Andromeda’s are activating our Akashic remembering of the template that they have instilled in the new Human Race; which is us. We are now going deep within the subconscious mind to dismantle our deepest pain, trauma and belief systems that have been running certain programming in our reality. This has to be collapsed if we are merging with higher consciousness because in higher planes of thought they are no separation with how we feel and think. Higher Consciousness is one continuous stream of the All-Knowing mind. So these next few months are going to be one of coming face to face with the truth, lies, control, and illusions we have built our character, mannerism, beliefs, your CORE aspects on. Now that you have a blank canvas to work with; who are you? How are you working with your Akashic records to reconstruct your highest and best version of yourself? We are also working with 7th-dimensional energies and the Arcturians are assisting with this. They are the masters of working and attuning the emotional body.

I call this next phase of our Ascension the “unravelling”. Everything 3rd Dimensional that our lives have been built upon is going to be unravelled, it can no longer work within these higher frequencies. Our Bodies are going through profound changes and at times it’s painful. We are FEELING everything from rage, anger, frustration, bliss, happiness, confusion as our emotional body becomes finely attuned to FEEL emotions like we have never felt before, to comprehend complex knowing as we have never known.

Our Brain is connecting to the mind of God and this will bring on the headaches, pressure in the Crown Chakra, ear pressure and buzzing, blank mind, busy/manic mind, neck and shoulder tension. I’m guided to say as our bodies go through PROFOUND changes do not “hang” on to anything because everything is fluid and changing at rapid speed. Don’t hold on to the way you look, feel, understand etc. Watch your breathing and be mindful that you are not holding in your breath when the energies are tense. Breathing assists the body in its metamorphosis. The Heart is connecting with the Heart of the Divine Mother and the reconnection is felt DEEPLY and sometimes painfully. The pulse of the Multiverse is coming back online and we, HER children are connecting once again with this Divine Pulse; this Divine Heartbeat.

These next few months won’t be as intense physically but it goes deep with our emotions and the construct of the mind. Breaking apart the Subconscious and Conscious Mind and connecting us to a Universal Mind. This will be just as intense because now we are being pushed to look and be mindful of our behaviour; our reasoning behind every choice, action, and decision from our past lives, our childhood and into adulthood. These energies will be our psychotherapist for the next few months and it won’t be easy but it will be worth it when our true and higher dimensional selves are merged within this realm for the first time in human history for 2020.

Take a seat on the white couch; it’s time to call down our Higher Self to run this show! Lets get it DONE!!


» Source » By Natoya Hall