Hilarion: First Wave of Ascension

hilarion eraoflightdotcomI am your Dear Brother Hilarion.  I am the one that has been called forth long ago to assist in the healing of this planet, and the planet of all of those that reside on this planet, whether human, animal, plant, or mineral.

Whenever you have ailments, whenever you have a need for healing energy, call upon me.  Call out my name, “Hilarion!”  “Hilarion!”  “Hilarion!”

Know that I will be with you in that instant as you call upon me, just as you are calling upon the galaxies, to be a part of this expression here on this planet, and with all of you to raise the energies throughout the planet.  To bring Gaia, herself, up into the higher vibration, of which she is now moving fully into.

And as she moves fully into those higher vibrations, the lower vibrations will cease to exist, here.  So know that time is growing short for the third-dimensional illusion that continued to have its sway, here.  For very shortly, the third-dimensional illusion will come to an end.  And those that are still a part of it will no longer be a part of Gaia’s expression here.  That is why all of you, those that came forward before all the others, are the ones that are destined to be a part of the First Wave of Ascension.

You, my friends, are the Chosen Ones.  But always remember when you hear that terminology, it is not to put an ego statement on you.  It is not to make you feel special, as that you are above anyone else.  For you are no more above anyone else, than an animal is above an insect.  Think about that.  You are not above, and you are not below.

For all is ONE.  We are all in this together, and together we will take this all the way to fruition, all the way to the crescendo that Sananda has mentioned, to the finish line that is there in front of you.  You just cannot see it yet.  But if you open your eyes, through your Third Eye Center and look beyond the illusion, you will see it.  It is there.

I ask you now to return to your physical form.  To come back, back down the Pillar of Flame and toward your physical body, back into the circle, here.

Come back into a complete state of consciousness and circulation, fully revitalized and refreshed within your body.

I am Hilarion, and I leave you now to another who would come in and address you.

Peace and love with each and every one of you, until the end of all that is.


Channel: James McConnell