Conversations with God: The Inner Voice

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomReport JJK: Ever since I live in the country, I go for 1-2 hours every day. It is wonderful to walk across fields, meadows, valleys, hills and through forests and to be connected with nature. In addition, countless hiking opportunities in this area invite you to take a new route every day. Today it totally blocks me from taking a very nice path that I already know.

But my inner voice insists. I leave my gut feeling aside, listen to the inner voice and lo and behold, after 300 meters, I am standing in front of a fork in the road, which I did not know yet – and the way I actually know takes a completely different direction.

What is interesting to me now is the observation that I have trusted my inner voice and not my gut feeling. Here, while feeling and inner voice argued with each other, I noticed a clear difference.

It seemed to me better to follow the inner voice, because it seems to me “more sovereign” and takes on a superior perception. The gut feeling, however, did not seem to me responsible this time.

My question now is: how can people make correct decisions when inner voice and gut feeling send opposite impulses? Or how can they perceive these two voices at all?

GOD: I am with you, beloved.

The inner voice is connected with the High Self and always has the overview. This often feels neutral, their love is a soft whisper and you have perceived that today.

Gut feeling or human intuition is a protective mechanism that draws all of its knowledge from a person’s past experience. While the inner voice draws from the energy field of pure divinity, the gut feeling is based on the intuitions of this matrix.

JJK: How can people make a difference? Today it is fashionable to say, “Listen to your gut feeling!”, But many people do and often experience disappointment.

GOD: Practice makes perfect. Always ask yourself, who is it who wants this or that? Listen and feel inside yourself and distinguish between the individual voices that serve you with advice.

Very often only one voice answers, as the case is clear. Then trust the gut feeling as well as the voice of the High Self. Sometimes, however, the situation is debatable. Then it is necessary to lead this inner dialogue.

For a start, it’s good to know that the High Self makes itself felt differently than the gut feeling. The High Self stands above things, acts as a viewer and is able to observe without judgment. It is sovereign and does not trigger any bad feelings in the abdominal region.

The pure gut feeling, however, is torn by emotions. It attracts attention and it wants to lead you to the right path.

The love of the Higher Self is gentle, while the love of the innate intuition in your abdominal region is clearly noticeable.

These two levels need to be differentiated and you will always take the right turn and stay on the path.

JJK: Now, just before the turn of the year, I realize that much is going to change in the world in 2019, or maybe it will – more chaos at first and then, all of a sudden, everything goes in a completely different direction.

Yesterday in Vienna, I was in a big department store where I perceived the people as immovable masses of consumers, who bring back the Christmas presents and exchange them.

I see what happens in world politics, and the crazy politicians do not get off the gas. On the other hand, I see that individual people quite wake up. Is this often cited findings correct: “Before it gets better, it must first get worse.”
Policy: Will everything get worse before it gets better?

GOD: It’s going to be the way people decide for themselves. Here the orientation of the individual human being is in demand and not that of the whole humanity. For who is with God, whose life curve points in a completely different direction than those who go through quite different stages of their consciousness.

Your politicians are as conscious or unconscious as the people they choose. This can be transferred 1 to 1 to the company. Politicians are representatives of humanity, even if they do not represent people.

They are the mirror of humanity.

JJK: Then we have not understood much yet?

GOD: The collective consciousness of humanity is in a great departure from the effort of individuals.

It breaks open so that light can be let in. This leads to a new perception of more and more people. In other words, in the foreseeable future, very different people will stand for public office for election. Until then, there will be great unrest in many places and the old systems will destroy themselves or be destroyed.

JJK: That means it’s on the way and we need patience?
To be patient is to be passive!

GOD: No, no patience! Because to be patient is to be passive. Create a new and better reality in your living environment day by day.

Be there a Master where you can be a Master and where you have been sent by God who I am.

Do not wait for improvement, but improve the world today – and do so now by dealing with everything that is still imperfect.

As long as you have time to be impatient, you are not living right.

JJK: Life in the Now and everything else comes naturally – or as Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all the rest will fall to you.” (Bible, Matthew 6:33)

GOD: Take responsibility for your own transformation, for your own awakening and for your own rebirth. There are daily new opportunities that you just need to take. Every day there are new crossroads and daily you can expand your ability to communicate with your heart.

This will create a whole new everyday reality for yourself. That’s the foundation of everything in the world.

Once you have reached your own self and become aware of your responsibility for the whole, then your environment begins to change.

We reach the threshold for the big litter as soon as enough individuals connect with themselves and are united with God.
Be yourself the change

Change the world by transforming everything in your microcosm until everything is in the right place.

JJK: It’s THE MANTRA of this time for me:

Be yourself the change you want for the world.

GOD: Be yourself – SEI means now and not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

The path that you have not taken today is gone tomorrow.

Look for the uniqueness of opportunities.

Failure to follow the spiritual path can not be made good, but it comes back in a different way – until the lesson is learned.

In the end, detours also lead you to me: However, realize that you may have been born during this time in order to reach me directly without detours.

We conclude our day together in the light of God, who I am.

Create the earth anew, build the house on solid ground and count neither the hours nor the days until the sky opens, for I say to you:

The sky is already open – for you and all human children.

I am God.


» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl