The Collective of Guides: Growth Into Higher Consciousness

the collective eraoflightdotcomGreetings, friends! We are very happy to have this moment to speak with you today.

We are aware that, as we have noted in other Messages, it may feel that a very great weight is pressing down upon you who draw naturally to a path of growth into higher consciousness.

You may feel some days that rather than moving forward, you are only running in place.

The weight of resistance now working against your energies may induce feelings of tiredness, lowered energy levels, or a blank-mindedness that does not represent your true life energy.

All of this is understandable, and we ask that you do not become alarmed by it.

Much is occurring on the planet now that is distracting your life energies and focus, while also requiring a very focused level of dedication as you integrate the unprecedented higher energies now pouring onto the planet.

We and your higher selves also ask that as you read or hear of Earth challenges such as the 5G rollout, chemtrails, pesticides and GMOs, corruption in government, environmental distress, or extreme weather, that you not allow this information and alarm-sounding to determine your outlook.

Or that you see yourself as someone living in what some have dubbed “the Last Days.”

Be aware that many have used that phrase in ways that are highly destructive to the human spirit and psyche.

You who carry a special awareness and sensitivity will feel the possible implications of a desperate world in which only certain people survive, and wonder if the more positive visions are being lost in the pile somewhere.

Again—understandable, as you want your Earth to flourish and to be healed, revitalized, and cleansed.

Many of you came to assist in that healing and renewal—to aid both the planet and Her beings in raising their frequencies to return to Wholeness.

And to aid humanity in the restoring of its 12-strand DNA, to where you can once again be full co-Creators, in charge of your destiny.

Yet even now, you are still in charge of your destiny.

It is just that this time you are in requires a positive vision of your own life, and that of the planet’s well-being, in order to maintain the feeling of the reality of that.

We would encourage you to have a special time each day in which you envision your own perfect health and well-being, your own and others’ Abundance and fulfillment, and Peace of mind and heart, using images and feelings that give you real Joy.

And with that, image your Earth being freed from the structures She has labored under for so long.

Image Her freedom as She steps up to be part of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds.

As She regains her rightful place as a world amongst other worlds, all cohabitating Peacefully and with the common well-being as their joint goal and purpose.

The cleansing of your planet—of corrupt, self-destructive policies and systems, and of dark technologies and damage to the ecosystem—will not occur overnight.

But again, we would ask, Must you wait to begin creating this?

Your own ability to create via thought and feeling constantly awaits your use and creative thinking.

You would not, for instance, live in a house with huge treasure chests full of gold objects and gold coins, and complain that you had no wealth to enjoy.

If you saw someone else doing that, you would fear for their sanity.

And yet we see humanity forgetting so many basic facts of its own existence—that your well-being and Joy feeds into everyone else’s, as you transmit the higher frequencies of empowered fulfillment.

Or that your ability to image, as you are feeling and knowing the reality of what you picture, powerfully influences the great sea of energy you all live in.

The intelligent, highly responsive Light that creates the building blocks of all you experience, responds readily to that point of focus—and yes, it is how you created the life you have now.

It is simply that a great deal of that life was created “by default.”

We can tell you, friends, there is no more time to be spent on such passivity and lack of awareness.

Grab this great bull by the horns and start now to speak of, envision and expect only that which you desire to experience.

Especially do this whenever you catch yourself wondering about the future of your home, country, or planet, and are imaging outcomes that are not helpful to you or anyone.

If you create inwardly the expectation of a beautiful, empowering reality, you will experience such, come hell or high water—and you are seeing both, currently, on your planet.

And so, do not delay.

Begin today to have your special time each day—start with only 15 minutes if you would like, and lengthen that over time—and determine, “If I don’t like what I see happening in this part of my life, or in my country, or in the world—what would I like to see?

“What can I create today that will assist and support my life energies, and everyone else’s?”

You need not dig deep for answers.

You all carry within you the images of an egalitarian society, full of Joy, mutual respect, freedom, with free and open education, free energy-based health care, Peace in every country, free energy, organic foods, a Love and respect for the Earth and all She holds—you know the beauty of existence that we describe, for you have come from it.

We would say, the more often you send Love and intention to those images and feelings, the faster you and others will begin to experience them as your reality.

Until one day, you notice that you must be living in a fifth dimensional world, for all around you is plenty, justice, kindness, respect, and ongoing affirmation of the importance of all Life.

We absolutely affirm your ability to do this, and more than that, your very great desire to do this now!

Namaste, dear ones! You are never alone.

All of us and the Joy of the higher realms are with you, always.


Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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