Judas Iskariot: A Gem In Space

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcom new.jpgI am Judas and I greet everyone who is on Earth of whatever kind you may be. Earth is a little gem in space, a gem that is now beginning to reflect its golden-yellow rays out into the Universe. It has aroused great interest in other beings who are in the vicinity of your solar system and beyond. There are many helping hands around our solar system now and also within its sphere. The change is noticeable because a new dimension stands for the door. There are many willing hands just waiting for a signal from the Creator that it is precisely His gift that is needed now. Everyone in and around this solar system has the task of completing this major transformation up to a higher dimension. Everything is given in love and has a triggering and fulfilling effect. This, in turn, can affect us very strongly and become overwhelming on a physical or mental level. It can be a domino effect so to speak. However, everything is done at the rate that the Earth and you wish so that it can be manageable and possible to understand for most people.

The earth can be seen from above as a pattern and this pattern is now beginning to change in shape and color. In some areas it can be quite stable while in others it can flutter back and forth. The earth is just like humanity in a great process of transformation. Although this process started millions of years ago, it is soon in a new crescendo, as it is guided into the higher worlds of light and love. A new paradigm is about to take over the Earth and the same is true for your dear humanity. You ascend together with Earth into this new reality of light and love. It is therefore important that you follow the flow of light energy and absorb these energies that begin to surround the Earth.

It is now important to try to learn how to master their negative attitudes and replace them with positive ones. It is a matter of humility to look at the Earth and understand that this journey you are doing together. The earth helps you when you help her. You give and take care of each other. It can’t just go one way, it has to go both ways. You give and Earth receives. The earth gives and you receive. It is a constant interaction of giving and taking in the Universe. Earth is no exception, neither is humanity. We are all one and we must learn to behave as one.

What do you need to learn? Do you need to learn to receive or do you need to learn to give? It can also be both, it can feel difficult to both receive and give. Anyway, it’s time to work out these blocks and practice these two important aspects of the Universe. Giving and receiving are the gifts you receive and which you then pass on to one’s next.

Mankind is facing a paradigm shift in its state of consciousness that will change their entire existence on the plane of consciousness in which they are now. It is a time of transformation and transformation. It’s no wonder the world can feel a little up and down sometimes, its changing moods affect you from both a large perspective and a small perspective. However, everything will eventually settle down, but until then it is important that we stay as calm and balanced as possible. Your own inner cleansing can be recommended in these interchangeable winds, so that you can stand firmly on Earth and follow its oscillations. Everyone may need a safe hand to hold in their hand when the storm breaks out. But remember that after every storm, the sun breaks out again, and the waves of the sea calm down and swing again at leisurely pace on all the oceans and lakes of the Earth.

There are many standing by your side now, dear Earthlings. Call them when you feel that there is a little too much under your feet. There are many willing hands to help you now. Have confidence, feel love, and the light will shine over your heads.

Love is great in the Universe.

My love is great for you.

In Confidence and Gratitude / Judas Iscariot.


» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg