Ashtar: Unique

ashtar eraoflightdotcomHello friends. Ashtar of the Galactic Federation here.

You are truly inundated with the most amazing and high-frequency energies from near and far. There are so many people who want to help you, really stand out from the bottom of their hearts for you Humanity on Gaia. You are admired, appreciated, held under your arms and around your shoulders every single one of you, by your own helpers and guides but also by so incredibly many Angels, Masters and amazing loving creatures from many different galaxies that you have never even heard the names of.

Receive the Love that we all send to you and the energies that make you all awake, each in its own way and with your special memories from different places and dimensions where you have lived before, or rather where you exist right now because time is an earthly phenomenon that many of you are now tired of and intend to leave behind you.

I’m not going to complain about the fact that Everything is one for many of you has heard that Truth lead. Instead, I would like to point out your DIFFERENCES, that each of you is UNIQUE depending on your different experiences from different galaxies and planets and depending on which ray of God you originate from, or are most associated with. Add to that the experience of Gaia’s heavy energies that some have lived in during eons. You are all different, you (and we) are all UNIQUE so that you can gather unique experiences to the constant development of the One God and Infinity forever.

You at Gaia who have woken up, you have all the different ways to contribute to the awakening, prosperity and development of your fellow human beings. No expression of your creativity is better or worse than others, remember. Some of you contribute music, song and theater and others paint, write or create new types of architecture. Many care for children, old and sick with a lot of love and patience, while others take down new technological inventions from the Universe. Everything is as important and EVERYTHING as you do from within your heart helps everything living on Gaia in this so important moment when much is happening in the hidden.

We are here and we are constantly following you from our ships. More and more people are starting to remember your own travels, in my ship, in another fleet’s ship or maybe you just have a little “one-man” that you see in your dreams? Many of you feel ready to meet and some of you already do so even though you do not always remember it afterwards. You slowly learn to recognize our energies, and none of you need to fall further into fear at a meeting. Maybe you have a planet, galaxy, Angel or Master that feels extra familiar to you, though you may not know why. Formulate a thought, a desire to meet again, because now all connections are open to being renewed and you can again meet the Friends you have missed so long.

Talk to us, ask questions to us, receive our love. We listen, we respond and we help as best we can. Open your heart and receive us Govinda, for we long for contact with you as much as you long for us.

Love, love and again love from Captain Ashtar, commander of the Galactic Federation.


» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla